Is there a Simulator for Apache Spark

Pyspark is defined as the connection among Apache Spark and Python and it is the Spark Python API and which helps to connect with resilient distributed datasets (RDDs) towards the Apache Spark and Python.

Here, we have highlighted the process of configuring Apache spark in windows OS and for that we have to open the command prompt (CMD) in windows OS system.

Opening Command Prompt in Windows OS System

To start the spark, we have to change the spark location as mentioned in the below image.

Change the Spark Location

In command prompt, we have to enter the command as spark shell and press enter to execute command and start the spark.

Execution of Command and Start Spark

Following that, we can acquire the spark session result as the image highlighted below,

Result of Spark Session

Then, we have to copy the Web UI address in the command window as denoted in the following image,

Copying Web UI Address

We have to paste the Web UI address into the browser and acquire the result as highlighted below.

Pasting Web UI Address

Finally, we have to launch the Spark Web UI environment.

Launching Spark Web U1 Environment

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