What are the New Research Areas in Wireless Sensor Networks

Are you guys want to know about the research ideas in wireless sensor networks? Then stay tuned with this article!!! Let’s start this with the list of research areas in wireless sensors networks.

  • Landslide detection
  • Agriculture monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Threat detection and security surveillance
  • Medical applications

In addition, our technical experts have highlighted the research topics in the wireless sensor networks.

  • Energy efficient optimal sensor scheduling for state estimation over Multihop sensor networks
  • An efficient authenticated elliptic curve cryptography scheme for multicore wireless sensor networks
  • Secure event triggered distributed kalman filters for state estimation over wireless sensor networks
  • Enhanced probabilistic route stability (EPRS) protocol for healthcare applications of WBAN
  • Energy efficient sparsity driven speech enhancement in wireless acoustic sensor networks

For your ease, our technical people have highlighted the process of running the research project WSN simulation using Cooja through the implementation of the following commands in terminal.

cd /home/research/contiki/tools/cooja

ant run

Running WSN Using Cooja

Following that, we have to select the configuration file for the start the simulation window.

Selection of Configuration File

At this moment, we have highlighted the simulation result that is acquired through the WSN research project.

Acquired Simulation Result

We have highlighted all the required data about the wireless sensor network, if you need to more about the wireless sensor network then contact us.

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