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Data Policy– Never upload or exhibit other patent work to maintain the non-disclosure policy.

Copyright policy– Never demand copyrights for your novel research work.

Integrity policy– Authorized access regulation to all kinds of confidential information.

Privacy policy –Never discloses any kind of personal information/ research manifest outside the organization.

Ethical Agreement

No resale– No resale of any research Information/artifact for personal benefit

No Hidden-charge – Only claim recommended fees, never entail additional charges.

No Duplication Never reuse others work and efforts for the personal profit

No Online-scam – Reluctant to any kind of deception and offer absolute safety guidelines

Confidant Agreement

Alarming Moment – Thinking about entire research guidelines will make you concerned and will create perplexity in the initial stage.

Trial Moment– Never try to get an overnight solution. Our genuine solution is to commit your research proposal alone with us first and access our benefit to initiate your research journey.

Assessment Moment– Our authentic support will proffer you a novel proposal along with all the reference papers. This will give you the insight to evaluate our work quality.

Trust Moment-Based on your assessment, we can build a trust framework and can collaborate for all your research endeavors to get an apparent success.

Benchmark Patterns

Why Choose PHDPrime.com


Our Reputation Standards

Crafting a well organized and contented paper is an art which demonstrate your novel work in a precise manner. We have constructed an outline of a standard research paper for reference purpose-

  • Abstract with precise findings /gaps
  • Introduction with concise objective
  • Literature Survey to enlighten limitations
  • Problem Formulation to enlighten major problem statement
  • Comprehensive Methods / Methodology manifestation
  • Depiction of Valid Results & comparative Discussion
  • Usage of Benchmark References papers (APA, Chicago, or MLA)
  • Accurate illustration of Figures, Tables, and Schemes
  • Enclose Appendix with Proof of theorems, complexity & statistical analysis

Our Reputation Standards

To get a perception about standard paper write-up phases, we have exemplified the steps followed by our experts to accomplish your research paper.

  • Transiently summarize objectives, findings and research motivation
  • Succinctly furnish related recent published papers
  • Proper grounding of Architectural / workflow diagram
  • Non-trivial assessment  of method, quality and its completeness
  • Ensure consistent flow to bridge methodologies and algorithms
  • Adequate practice of Control Experiments, Parameters and Scenarios
  • Comparison with more than one Reputed Published Materials
  • Conclude paper with Statistical and Qualitative Evidence
  • Paper evaluation & revision for Language and technical competency

Our Reputation Standards

We follow the below stratagem to publish all our papers in high impact factor journals. We always prefer free reputed journals for scholars to elevate and augment their research standard.

  • Evaluation accordance with Aim and Scope
  • Identify journals impact factor and SJR rank
  • Prefer short time interval for reviewing and publication
  • Absolute formatting as per journal guidelines
  • Prepare cover letter, graphical abstract and research highlights
  • Owe reviewers and EiC comments Responsibility
  • Revision and resubmission within constrained time
  • Obtain galley proof version and amend changes
  • Obtain DOI link and Publish paper online

Our Reputation Standards

Let’s have a glimpse over the guideline pursued by our eminent writers to develop your novel Thesis in a well contented and customized format

  • Desired design and requirement analysis
  • Extensive Literature survey for problem identification
  • Crafting coherent and consistent flow of concept
  • Novel representation of Methodology used
  • Consistent  Pseudo code/Mathematical equations
  • Chapter wise concept elucidation
  • Rough Draft, Proofreading and Fair Draft
  • Formatting as per University guidelines
  • Plagiarism Correction with Enriched Quality

Our Experience

Attain Expectations


Let’s understand the standard expectation of Journals to get our paper published in High impact factor journals-

  • Acknowledged literature work for manuscript contribution
  • Paper must be relevant to journal aim and scope
  • Relevant and Contented Title, Abstract and Keywords usage
  • Incorporation of adequate and appropriate references
  • Well organized content for Manuscript Readability
  • Revision and Resubmission within Stipulated Timeline

Perspective of Key stakeholder accountable for paper publication must be satisfied by focusing on the below points-

  • Check for concurrent and duplicate submission
  • Restrict Research standards violation
  • Elude research errors and deceptions
  • Acceptable level content utilization from conference papers
  • Validate Manuscript technically competency
  • Proper Leverage of results appropriation

We must gratify reviewer expectation to pass through the first level of scrutiny. Following are the fundamental checklist –

  • Highlight Key contribution(s) and Real-time Application Scope
  • Novelty and accuracy of proposed methodology
  • Introduction with apparent objective for readers legibility
  • Consideration of potential interpretation and significant  survey analysis
  • Concise and clear content within scientific knowledge scope
  • Acknowledgement of research questionnaire and in-depth comparative study

We must be determined to guarantee the following viewpoint to pass through this comprehensive review stage-

  • Research Contribution Category
  • Appropriate manuscript length for the topic
  • Novel, unique and imperative research
  • Significant design insight of an application
  • Circumvent preliminary or hypothetical results
  • Depict clear Figures, Tables and schemes

Completion of paper work within the stipulated time period requires exploration of Journals and their expectation. Our exclusive timeline support –

  • SCI (Normal) – 9-12months
  • SCI (Fast Acceptance) – 4-6 months
  • ISI (Normal) – 9-12 months
  • ISI (Fast Acceptance) – 4-6 months
  • SCOPUS (Normal) – 6-9 months
  • SCOPUS (Fast Acceptance) – 3 months

With strict adherence to offer plagiarism free content, we follow the below guidelines-

  • Employ Plagiarism/Content similarity detection tools
  • Provide Proper citation for references
  • Inscribe original and customized content by native writers
  • Liability for genuine source code development
  • Frame novel algorithm and pseudo code
  • Numerous content revision and evaluation by experts
Affordable Cost

Pricing Plan


Get customized support in best cost for all your yearning requirements by just deciding on your desired plan appropriately

Find a plan that’s right for you. Not sure about which plan to go for? Talk to our technical expert today and get tailored pricing plan for your research.

Research Proposal
$800Per Paper
  • Probability Check
  • Problem Statement
  • Algorithm / Pseudocode
  • Explanations
Code Development
$800 Per Paper
  • Implementation Plan
  • Project Development
  • Explanations
  • Online Demo
Paper Writing
$800 Per Paper
  • Rough Draft
  • References List
  • Online / Offline Explanations
  • Review Comments Response
Research Proposal
$600 Per Paper
  • Probability Check
  • Problem Statement
  • Algorithm / Pseudocode
  • Explanations
Code Development
$600Per Paper
  • Implementation Plan
  • Project Development
  • Explanations
  • Online Demo
Paper Writing
$600Per Paper
  • Rough Draft
  • References List
  • Online / Offline Explanations
  • Review Comments Response
Thesis Writing
$2400 Per Thesis
  • No. of Chapters
  • References & Plagiarism Details
  • Online / Offline Explanations
  • Review Comments Response
MS Thesis Writing
$700Per Thesis
  • Implementation Plan
  • Project Development
  • Explanations
  • Thesis Writing
Assignment / Homework
$700 Per Work
  • Feasibility Check
  • Plan & Code Results
  • Assignment Writing
  • Online / Offline Explanations

Our Hallmark

Our determination towards the aspiration of virtuous support will be accomplished by pursuing the below mentioned imperative ethics-


Never Resold


Novel Idea


Scam Free


Plagiarism Free




Research Ethics

Our Privileged Services-

We offer the below top-graded exclusive services in an optimum cost to elevate and empower our zeal to explore your desire-

  • Government Funded Research
  • International Funded Research
  • Research Proposal Writing
  • System Development
  • Paper Writing (SCI / ISI / SCOPUS)
  • Reputed Journal Paper Publishing
  • Synopsis Writing
  • Thesis / Dissertation Writing
  • MS Thesis Writing
  • Assignment/Homework Help

Predominant Paper categorization

Let’s explore to get exposed with the wide range of papers available to endorse your research and amplify your knowledge.

  • Journal Papers (SCI, ISI, Scopus, A1, Q1)
  • Survey Papers
  • Conference Papers (Literature)
  • Conference Papers (Comparative)
  • Presentation papers
  • Magazines/Discussion papers
  • Research paper
  • Method/Theory paper
  • Case studies and review articles

PHD Research Topics

Numerous advanced research topics are explored and gathered from various Domains exclusively for the young budding talents. Every topic is mined and presented below with the help of top techies around the world from High Impact publications.


  • Network Protocols
  • Network designs optimization
  • Hybrid Network Topology
  • QoS & QoE Attainment

Internet of things

  • Networking
  • Parallel Distributed Systems
  • Delay Tolerant Networks
  • Named Data Networking

Cloud Computing

  • Load Balancing
  • Federated Cloud
  • Task Scheduling
  • Resource Management

Power Electronics

  • Power System
  • Green Electronics
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Solar Energy Systems