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            Assignments are tasks offered to scholars/students by their respective
colleges/universities to discover their innate potential. Being a prominent
research concern, we have alliance with many top universities and colleges all
around the world. With our reliability and immense team support, we have served
enormous scholars/students globally around 210+ countries. Our on time
perfection and optimum cost makes us distinguished and desirable support system
for all imminent students and scholars/students. Our aspiration to pave a noble
path for wandering scholars/students has motivated us to offer extensive
assignment guidance.

          We initialize the assignment work by first having a modest conversation with our
scholars/students to get their concept design. Based on the presented design
plan, we craft a draft Implementation plan. Our Project design plan will have
the complete concept explanation, existing drawbacks and gaps, proposed
solution with methodology/algorithm used and architectural flow for the
proposed design. Our experts craft this stage with comprehensive analysis and
at most focus as right design plan can only lead to precise system development.
Once our project management team completes their design plan, we move towards
the system implementation. Our development phase encompasses the following

·       Optimum tool selection [Availability of modules, plug-in and headers] based on design

·       Comprehensive system design plan

·       Fully functional system implementation

·       Code review for entire execution

·       Bug inspection by technical experts

·       Verification of Methodology/algorithm implementation

·       Peer review by domain experts

Required Tools

·       Matlab

·       Ns2

·       Ns3

·       Omnet++

·       Java

·       Python

         We have provided few major tools just for the purpose of reference. With our
versatile support system, we offer all kinds of tool/software support including
Open source/commercial software’s. We can assure that our final deliverable
will be absolutely operational with the desired functionality as the team which
builds your system has the following experts –

·       Domain wise experts

·       Proficient Code analysts

·       Project Implementation plan writers

·       Professional mentors

·       Project management consultants

·       Certified tool experts

·       Skilled developers and programmers

·       Code reviewer for Bug identification

·       Proof readers and technical competency evaluators

           With all our expertise and dedication, we frame your system to get a remarkable
assignment accomplishment. We offer customized and round the clock support for
all the assignments committed by us and offer the following deliverables-

·       Complete resource materials/reference papers used

·       Absolute source code

·       Concept design plan

·       Screenshots with valid explanation

·       Assignment Execution steps as Video file

·       Software installation support as text/Video files

·       Read me files

         Let’s explore, design and develop your assignments as per your expectation. To get an
insight about the most recent topics, we have provided few key subject area and
ideas below-

Emerging Research Areas

1.Digital Image Processing

·       Biometric Identification

·       Medical Image Processing

·       Face Recognition

·       Remote Sensing

·       Pattern Analysis Machine Intelligence


·       Mobile Adhoc Network

·       Mobile Communication

·       MIMO Network

·       LTE Network

·       Named Data Networking

·       Software Defined Networking

·       Cellular Network

·       Wireless Sensor Network

·       Intrusion Detection System

·       Vertical Handover

·       Delay Tolerant Networks

·       V2X Communication

·       Block chain Technology

·       Cognitive Radio Network

·       Network Communication

·       M2M Communication

·       Heterogenous Network


3.Network Security

·       DigitalForensics

·       CyberAttack

·       Cybersecurity

·       NetworkAttack

4.Other Key Domains

5.Mobile Cloud Computing

6.Brain Computer Interface

7.Cloud Computing

8.Hadoop technologies

9.Artificial Neural Network

10.Data Mining

11.Big Data Analysis

12.Virtual Augmented Reality

13.Internet of Things

14.Video Processing

15.Software Engineering

16.Pattern Recognition

17.Soft Computing

18.Digital Signal Processing

19.Pattern Analysis Remote Sensing

20.Computer Vision

            Further,if you need more details on assignment writing and other services, then communicate with us.


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