4G Simulator

Are you guys interested to acquire a fine knowledge about the 4G simulator? Then, no worries!!! This article will provide all the required details about the 4G simulator along with the guidance of our technical experts. Now, let’s start this article with the list of 4G simulators.

List of 4G Simulators

The 4G simulation is performed through the utilization of some network simulation tools and they are highlighted in the following.

  • OMNeT++
  • In OMNeT++, we can perform 4G simulation through the utilization of simulate module and packages
  • Ns-3
  • In Ns-3, the 4G simulation is performed using the LTE model

4G Simulation Using Ns3

For instance, our technical experts have made the 4G simulation using Ns3 as the reference for the research scholars. For that, we have to create LTE based main file in the scratch folder with file extension .cc.

Execution of Main File

To implement 4G simulation using Ns-3, we have to execute the below mentioned commands in the Ubuntu terminal.

cd  /home/research/ns-allinone-3.26/ns-3.26

sudo ./waf –run lte_main –vis

LTE based Main File

Following that, we have highlighted the result that is acquired through the 4G simulation using eNodeB.

Result of 4G Simulation using eNodeB

In addition, we have highlighted the result that is acquired in 4G simulation using user equipment (UE).

Result of 4G Simulation using UE

Reach us to acquire a lot about the 4G simulator!!!

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