For Computer Science Engineering (CSE) students who has an interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) we have presented with various collection of attractive project opportunities to carry on for your research work. Here the projects included under various subfields within AI, are machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, and much more. Artificial Intelligence Projects for CSC will be well executed by our team we follow proper methodologies and make use of trending tools and algorithms for its perfect output.

Some project ideas for CSE that we develop are:

Recommender Systems

1.Personalized Content Recommender: A content recommendation engine will be shaped for articles, music or products.

2.Location-based Restaurant Recommender: A mobile app will be built which commends restaurants created on user’s preferences and the present location.

Some of the specific project ideas to work on are:

  • Build a spam filter: To classify emails as spam or ham we use machine learning project.
  • Develop a chatbot: To generate a conversational AI agent here we will build a natural language processing project.
  • Create a face recognition system: We classify people in images or videos as a computer vision project.
  • Build a self-driving car: It is a robotics project we use it to develop a car which can drive by itself.
  • Tutor a deep learning model. To complete a specific task, such as image classification or natural language processing we use deep learning project.

Thus, the above briefly mentioned are some of the possibilities we had  developed as the best project for you, we are always ready to carry on your work to the fullest. Survey paper, term paper shall be done at the best by

Artificial Intelligence Ideas for CSE

Computer science artificial intelligence Thesis Project Topics

The best thesis ideas and thesis topics shall be given by our writers by referring from high-ranking journals, we have a team of PhD experts who are professionals for more than 50+ domain so that a high standard thesis can be attained. is world’s largest book publishing platform. Privacy, Novelty, Plagiarism-Free paper and on time delivery are the research ethics that we strictly follow.

  1. Artificial intelligence-based routing in PLC networks
  2. A Time Domain Artificial Intelligence Radar for Hand Gesture Recognition Using 33-GHz Direct Sampling
  3. Analysis of Artificial Intelligence Based Petri Net Approach to Intelligent Integration of Design
  4. What Can the Public Sector Teach Us About Deploying Artificial Intelligence Technologies
  5. Artificial intelligence techniques applied to adaptive power system stabilizer design
  6. Extensions to the fuzzy pointing set and its application to artificial intelligence
  7. Simulation Experiment Teaching for Airport Fire Escape based on Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence Technology
  8. Applicability of artificial intelligence languages to solving the scattering and diffraction problems using a personal computer
  9. A unified military approach to artificial intelligence
  10. Province of multiuser m-learning environment using artificial intelligence & bluetooth techniques
  11. Application of mobile autonomous robots to artificial intelligence and information systems curricula
  12. Modelling Hybrid Human-Artificial Intelligence Cooperation: A Call Center Customer Service Case Study
  13. Live demonstration: 3D wound detection & tracking system based on artificial intelligence algorithm]
  14. Electronic Packaging Solutions for Artificial Intelligence Applications (Invited talk)
  15. Artificial intelligence tools in complex monitoring systems
  16. Artificial intelligence applied to the aging of machine insulation
  17. A new packet-switching network architecture based on artificial intelligence technology
  18. Voltage instability in power systems and the use of artificial intelligence methods for its prediction
  19. Blue Brain Technology: A Subway to Artificial Intelligence
  20. Artificial Intelligence Service Architecture for Edge Device
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