Artificial Neural Network Project Ideas

Artificial neural network (ANN) is a data processing model that imitates the human brain. In other words, ANN is a model of the human cerebral cortex that interprets and comprehends nonlinear data. On this page, our knowledge about the ANN is given for you!!! Generally speaking, do artificial neural network project ideas require an extensive understanding of the functions, architectural model, and parameters description for the proper use of the ANN. Below is a complete description of artificial neural networks for your understanding. Let us first start with the purpose of ANN. 

Latest Artificial Neural Network Project Ideas

What is the purpose of ANN?

The functioning of the artificial neural network is different for various tasks. It does the following.

  • Identifies and classifies the objects
  • Recognition of humans
  • Compression of data
  • Self-driving cars/robots handling

Your research work in ANN can become a part of this list. You can do one of the best research works in ANN with us as we provide the most reliable guide for your artificial neural networks project ideas. Now let us look at some of the types of artificial neural networks. 


The following are the major different types of artificial neural networks that are commonly used in machine learning algorithms.

  • Physical Neural Networks
  • Feed Forward Neural Networks
  • Spiking Neural Networks
  • Deep Neural Networks
  • Generative Adversarial Networks
  • Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Modular Neural Networks  

With these types of neural networks, one can design the most useful artificial neural network project ideas”. We have more than 10 years of expertise in guiding research projects in artificial neural networks. So, you can join us for any research help in ANN. Following is a sample project on ANN that we guided. Research issues are the basis for any research topic as we studied many recent reputed published papers to find the important issues. In particular, we provided here some of the crucial challenges in ANN.  

Research Issues in ANN 

  • Maximized transparency model
  • Long training time
  • Lack of parameters tuning
  • Uncertainty in data
  • Exploration low ability
  • High time consumption and complexity  

Latest Artificial Neural Network Project 

Project Title: Network slicing and resource allocation with traffic scheduling in SDN/NFV based 5G networks

With the expertise of guiding ample projects in the artificial neural network, here we are providing you with a sample project successfully guided by our experts. The proposed project exhibits four major functions of an ANN. They are detailed below.

  • Boolean Logic Based Key Derivation Function 2 or PBKDF2 – used to authenticate the IoT devices.
  • Asymmetric Queue Model – Monitors scheduled traffic with heterogeneous arrival of traffic
  • SliceNet – Slicing of network
  • HopFieldNet – Allocate resources for satisfying the QoS requirements
  • Fast Weighted Bipartite Graph – offloading of slice requests from one switch to another through migration.  

Performance Metrics in ANN 

The proposed project is evaluated in the following different performance metrics.

  • Latency
  • Throughput
  • The ratio of packets lost to the devices
  • Capacity of slice
  • Slice Acceptance Ratio
  • The ratio of accepted slices
  • Bandwidth consumption

The above-given sample project is developed in network slicing and hence the performance is evaluated for different scenarios such as eMBB, URLLC, and mMTC. Thus, we are capable of providing you with all the necessary help for your artificial neural network project ideas.

With our highly skilled professionals, we are providing world-class research guidance in any of the ANN topics of your interest. We wish you become a part of our 5000 plus happy customers. Following are the trending PhD project titles in ANN. 


You can refer to the following most novel artificial neural network project ideas 

  • The novel mechanism intended for ANN-based Soil Electrical Conductivity (SEC) prediction scheme
  • A state-of-the-art mechanism for Bayesian Inference and Learning aimed at Neural Networks and Deep Learning scheme
  • An innovative method for Local-Global Memory Neural Network meant for Medication Prediction
  • An effectual process for Spatially Arranged Sparse Recurrent Neural Networks intended for Energy Efficient Associative Memory scheme
  • A novel persistence of design function for Application Scheme of Artificial Neural Network in Archives Intelligent Management
  • A new-fangled mechanism for Coffee Fruit Recognition Via Artificial Vision and neural NETWORKS
  • An innovative process for Identification of Drug-Related Chat Content Based on Artificial Neural Network
  • The new-fangled Neural-Networks Control meant for Hover to High-Speed-Level-Flight Transition of Ducted Fan UAV Through Provable Stability
  • A fresh method for Research on Risk Prediction of Dyslipidemia in Steel Workers Based on Recurrent Neural Network and LSTM Neural Network
  • An inventive function for Viscosity based liquid classification by Artificial Neural Network
  • A new-fangled technique designed for Analysis on Extend of Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Direct Torque Control-Space Vector Modulated Drives practice
  • The fresh function for Adaptive Global Sliding-Mode Control utility meant for Dynamic Systems By Double Hidden Layer Recurrent Neural Network Structure
  • The firsthand method for Preliminary Study of Fault Detection on an Islanded Microgrid By Artificial Neural Networks
  • On the use of ANN towards on Short-Term Prediction Model bound for Multi-currency Exchange system
  • An effective performance for Artificial Neural Network Based on Energy-Efficient and Robust Routing Scheme aimed at Pollution Monitoring in WSNs
  • On the use of ANN method intended for Optimal Design of Distillation Process
  • The novel mechanism intended for Graph Neural Network-based Channel Tracking aimed at Massive MIMO Networks
  • A novel approach for Neural Network-Based Distributed Cooperative Learning Control for Multiagent Systems via Event-Triggered Communication
  • An effective process for Artificial Bee Colony-Based Double Layered Neural Network Tactic aimed at Solving Quadratic Bi-Level Programming Problems 

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