Blockchain Simulation

This article is about the depiction of simulation blockchain based on the java along with the list of notable algorithms. Let’s take a look over the overall process of these functions. Firstly, we start with the blockchain algorithms.

Blockchain and Hashing Algorithms

For an instance, our experts have highlighted some sample blockchain and hashing algorithms for the users to simulate and implement blockchain and the algorithms are enlisted below.

  • Hashing algorithms
  • MD5
  • BLAKE2b
  • BLAKE-256
  • Quark
  • SHA-256
  • Blockchain algorithms
  • Proof of elapsed time (PoET)
  • Proof of capacity (PoC)
  • Direct acyclic graph (DAG)
  • Delegated byzantine fault tolerance (DBFT)
  • Practical byzantine fault tolerance (PBFT)

Blockchain Simulation Code Using Java

Then, we have highlighted the sample java based code for the generation of both the hash and blocks.

addBlock(new HashProcess(line1, blockchain.get(blockchain.size()-1).hash));

String blockchainJson = SHA512.getJson(blockchain);


Execution of Blockchain Simulation Using Java

To create blockchain simulation using java, we have to create a main file along with the with file extension, then, we have to press run project option in the toolbar to execute the simulation.

Execution of Blockchain Simulation

Finally, we have highlighted the result that we have acquired through the execution of blockchain simulation using Java.

Result of Blockchain Simulation

Hopefully, we have come up with the most wanted process based on the blockchain simulation. If you have any queries, you people can reach us at any time.

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