Can I install Mininet on windows

  Mininet runs only under the Linux operating system .Windows and Mac users can, however , easily  run Mininet in a single Linux virtual machine .Mininet group maintain a virtual machine with current Mininet installation at their download sites .In this article , you can get to know about the installation of  Mininet on windows .

Install WSL

      The windows subsystem for linux (WSL) lets you run a linux environment, including

Command-line tools and applications, directly on windows, without the overhead of the

traditional virtual machine or dual boot up.

The following steps to be done for install windows subsystem for linux (WSL).

  • Step 1:

Initially open a PowerShell prompt as an administrator.

  • Step 2:

And then execute the following command line,

wsl –install

Install Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a linux based operating system and composed mostly of free and opensource

Software. To install Ubuntu – 18.04, execute the command line in the powershell prompt


Command line:

wsl –install -d Ubuntu-18.04

Download Mininet on windows with Ubuntu

Mininet is a network emulator and it uses lightweight virtualization to make a single

System look like a computer network, running the same kernel, system and user code.

You can download the Mininet package for windows 10 from the following url,

Install Mininet on windows

The Mininet documentation provides the installation instructions.

First download the Mininet from the web and then install Mininet on windows. By changing

the Mininet package location, you can install Mininet on windows by executing the following

Command lines,

Cd mininet/util

And then install the Mininet by executing the following command,

sudo ./ -a

Install Mininet on windows

In this article, our research experts provided the information about installation of Mininet on

windows .If you have any queries please feel free to contact us.

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