Can I Use Mininet on Windows

Our research professionals have years of experience in this field and through that experience we have derived this article which is about the execution of Mininet particularly in windows.

Step: 1 WSL and Ubuntu Installation

We have to implement the below mentioned steps to install windows subsystem for Linux (WSL).

  • Firstly, we have to open the powershell prompt as an administrator
  • Then, execute the command

wsl –install

To install Ubuntu 18.04, we have to execute the command line in the powershell prompt window.

wsl –install -d Ubuntu-18.04

Step: 2 Download Mininet on Windows

We have to download the Mininet packages on windows from the below mentioned URL.

Link to Download Mininet on Windows

Step: 3 Install Mininet on Windows

Following that, we have to install the Mininet on windows through changing the Mininet package location and installing the Mininet through the below mentioned command execution.

cd mininet/util

sudo ./ -a

Installation of Mininet

Step: 4 Use Mininet on Windows

Finally, we have to execute the Mininet on windows through implementing the commands that have been highlighted in the following.

cd /home/research/mininet/Simulation_Topology

sudo python

Running Mininet

If you have any issues, then you guys can reach us at any time to acquire the finest guidance.

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