Cloud Computing Research Proposal

 Cloud computing is the technology of using the Internet to serve a large number of services and retrieve them whenever necessary for any device/user. Cloud computing research proposal is gaining huge significance among research scholars and students of top universities.

The three types of cloud services are,

  • Software as a Service or SaaS – cloud services via websites (Google apps, Hubspot)
  • Platform as a Service or PaaS – necessitates a separate platform (Azure, OpenShift)
  • Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS – cloud infrastructure service (AWS, EC2)

Minimal run time, enhanced storage, hardware, and software infrastructure are the essential needs of a good cloud computing service. Let us now see about PhD research proposal. 

Novel Cloud Computing Research Proposal Writing Service


Before doing any work, we will be making a plan for it. Likewise, an outline designed before doing research is the research proposal. The research proposal clearly defines the objective of the research. Now let us see about the characteristics of cloud computing.

We have 40+ writers who are highly experienced in writing a thesis, summary, and project reports. We are the best online research guidance sought by students and research scholars of the top universities of the world. You can check out all our services at the cloud computing research proposal. We now brief you about the cloud computing characteristics. 


The following are the basic characteristics of cloud computing.

  • Shared infrastructure based on virtualisation
  • Dynamically providing the services when requested while retaining the scalability and reliability
  • Metering should be perfectly managed to ensure proper billing

The characteristics of cloud computing are not difficult to understand. We are here to support you even if you don’t understand them clearly. Our experts are very much skilled to explain you anything in a way that you can understand. Now let us see about the merits of cloud computing.


The following are the advantages of cloud computing

  • Reduction in cost of implementation
  • Flexible enough to meet the customer demands
  • The ensured reliable recovery mechanism

With these advantages, cloud computing is highly adopted by our experts. So you need to know about python from an expert point of view especially for problem-solving. Now let us see about the research issues before crafting novel cloud computing research proposal. 


The following are the research issues associated with cloud computing

  • Developing and delivering application 
    • Programming with available resources
    • Technical backing due to accelerated delivery
    • Uninterrupted delivery system
  • Resource Constraints 
    • Increased consumption of energy
    • Lesser guaranteed quality
    • Issues of multi-tenancy
  • Elasticity and scalability
    • Enriched and multiple hardware for speeding up computations
    • Isolation of performance
    • Models for pricing
    • Elastic services software
    • Adaptation of models
  • Reliability
    • Disruption in services
    • Lack in overall service
    • Automatic reliability services
    • Lack in Failure aware provisioning mechanisms
  • Heterogeneity
    • Scheduling
    • Provisioning
    • Placement of VM
    • Adopting Languages specific to the vendor
  • Empowerment of devices constrained with resources
    • Offloading of cloud
    • Delegating tasks
    • IoT with centralized cloud
    • Issues of adaptability
    • Fog computing
  • Cloud computing economics
    • Opting for an optimal cloud provider
    • Licensing of models
    • SLA and management of respective policies
  • Management of data
    • Metadata services management
    • Integration of batch and stream data
    • Regulations for data management
  • Usability
    • Differences in distributed systems and HCI
    • Tools for productivity
    • Infrastructure and service encapsulation
  • Scheduling and management of resources
    • Autoscaling
    • Balancing of load
    • Operations under multiple clouds
    • Errors of sensitivity
  • Sustainability
    • CDC energy needs
    • Minimizing energy consumed
    • The scheduled flow of traffic
    • Relation between quality and energy
    • Allocation of tasks
  • Interconnection in cloud
    • Interoperability
    • Security standards
    • Virtual networking across sites
  • Privacy and security issues
    • Protecting encrypted information
    • Confidentiality and integrity of queries
    • Sharing of selected data
    • Secure Cloud provider selection

You may think how is it possible to comply with cloud computing for your advanced projects with these many issues. You should understand the core idea of rectifying these issues. Security in the transfer of information, interface, storage, and access to control must be ensured to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing. 

Let these issues not be a hindrance to your cloud computing research. We are here to find you the best solutions for all these problems. Our experts have delivered an ample number of projects in cloud computing. Do you know about the attacks on cloud computing? We will explain to you about them in the following.


The following are the various attacks that were targeted on to cloud computing

  • Spoofing of IP
  • Denying services
  • Viruses that are hypervisors
  • Hijacking of services
  • Threats from within
  • Vulnerability
  • Man in the middle attacks
  • Attack of injection
  • Availability
  • Leakage
  • Control loss
  • Confidentiality of information

Our experts have faced these attacks and issues too often. They have also broken these and found the maximum possible ways to rectify the problem’s aftermath. Our customers are very happy with all our services. We are here ready to help you. Now, let us see about the applications of cloud computing


The following are the applications of cloud computing

  • Applications for multi-tasking on IaaS
  • Apps for input and output for amazon cluster computations
  • Apps for intensive information in Amazon EC2
  • Applications for workflow
  • Apps that are data-intensive on Magellan clouds and amazon
  • Apps that are based on services

Cloud computing applications are truly enhancing the computing experiences in today’s world. Experts with us are able enough to provide you with the necessary support to enhance your skills and developing cloud computing research proposal. Now let us see about cloud computing models,


The following are the models for cloud computing

  • Methods based on measurement 
    • Providing insights for performance
    • Performance of service in scenarios of realistic operations
    • Evaluation of service
  • Methods based profile
    • Implementing multiple cloud services
    • Reflection of virtual services
    • Applied to Loads of applications
  • Methods based on Queuing theory 
    • No cost for experimenting
    • Prediction of performance
    • Evaluation of multiple parameters

We are very well experienced in developing projects in all these models. Currently, our team is working on projects that are well advanced in cloud computing. You can approach us with your idea in any of these models. We will give you all the support for your cloud computing research proposal. Now let us see about methods of scheduling


The following are the different methods of scheduling

  • Allocation of resources at host and VM level
  • Scheduling of tasks based on sharing of time and space

In these categories, our team has resolved multiple issues successfully. We have resolved issues like increasing utilization, minimizing the makespan time, ensuring availability, minimizing the overall response time. You can check the details of all our cloud computing ideas when you get in touch with us. Now let us see about methods of clustering 


Grouping of small tasks to large tasks is called clustering. It is usually done to reduce the time for wait and makespan. The following are the different methods of clustering

  • Block clustering – combines the vertical and horizontal clusters
  • Horizontal clustering or level based clustering – independent tasks are clustered
  • Vertical clustering – tasks of different run times present at same pipeline are clustered

We will provide you with an explanation for all these methods of clustering. Our engineers will provide you with tips for execution and design. You can make a note of them and have your knowledge enriched for cloud computing research proposal. Now let us look into the metrics for simulation in cloud computing 


The following are the metrics of simulation in cloud computing

  • Total cost and each data cost
  • Cost for each VM and total cost of VM
  • Time for each data center
  • Time for every user
  • Time for total processing
  • Time for an overall response 

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