Contiki Installation on Ubuntu

While installing Contiki on Ubuntu, we have to follow all the information and they are highlighted in this article. To begin with, the required packages have to be installed in the terminal to install the Contiki – 3.0.

Phase: I

We have to install the packages based on Contiki – 3.0 through the implementation of the commands in the Ubuntu terminal.

sudo apt install build-essential doxygen git curl wireshark python-serial srecord rlwrap autoconf automake libxmu-dev gcc-msp430 default-jdk ant openjdk-11-jdk

Installation of Contiki - 3.0

Phase: II

Consequently, we have to verify the installed Contiki packages based on the mspsim tool over the utilization of implementing the command highlighted in the following in Ubuntu terminal.

cd /home/research/contiki-3.0/tools/mspsim

ant run

Verification of Contiki Installation

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