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Generally, cryptography is considered the science of writing secret code and it mainly pays more attention to confidential data, the process of authentication, and data integrity. The deployment of cryptography in passwords is one of the popular examples. We people are using cryptography in day-to-day life and that contains a range of situations where the uses of cryptography facilitate the provision of a secure service. Download complete cryptography journals list for your high impact factor research paper publication.

Cryptography is one of the substantial research fields in the academic spectrum to start their research in cryptography. Generally, researchers may select this field due to a lot of real-time security issues in the contemporary eras. But it is really hard to select a research topic in cryptography, thus our research experts have highlighted the latest research topics in cryptography are highlighted in the following,

Research Ideas in Cryptography

  • Public key cryptography
  • Symmetric key cryptography
  • Identity-based cryptography
  • Certificate less cryptography
  • Cryptographic hashing
  • Lightweight cryptography

Let’s take an eye out for the process of research paper publication and its consequences. The importance of scholarly publications to the course of higher learning cannot be exaggerated. Publication leads to the creation of new knowledge, stimulates modernization and innovation, enhances the quality of academic scholars, and improves research skills. Publication rates are a vital measure of journals and the individual’s research performance. Scientific research and publications are essential for the advancement of knowledge. Publication of original research in indexed journals ensures career progression for the research scholars.

Scholarly publication is an important determinant of research productivity. Publication of research outputs would lead to greater transfer of knowledge and possible utilization in real-time. Publications in leading journals are widely known to have a positive impact on research judgments of the value of the author’s contributions and professional reputation. Publishing in peer-reviewed journals is recognized as the main method for knowledge diffusion. Research has shown that scientists increased their reporting of outcomes when outcomes were being used for program assessment and feedback.

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While publishing the research paper, the respect for confidentiality is even more significant in the interest of research. Confidentiality is the potential risk of participating in research, to protect the research scholar’s confidentiality we used to protect the details of the paper. In addition, we make the personal details of the first and second authors with high confidential. The foremost importance of research is confidentiality and that empowers the trust and credibility enjoyed through the research.

In general, the state of keeping secret or not disclosing the information is denoted as confidentiality. When it comes from confide, meaning to trust someone to tell their secrets to them. Confidential information, therefore, is the information that should be kept private or secret. The research scholars who cannot trust professionals to treat information as confidential may withhold the information that is important for the process of assessment and treatment. When it comes to our research professionals, we provide the topmost confidential service for the research scholars regarding their innovative ideas in reputed cryptography journals list.

On the other hand, the violation of research publication ethics is a global problem and that violation includes,

  • Duplicate submission
  • Multiple submission
  • Plagiarism
  • Gift authorship
  • Fake affiliation
  • Pressured authorship
  • Falsification

But this process excludes the honest errors which are committed by the authors. The publication process includes several ethics and standards of research, so the researchers have to follow all the principles for a successful publication. If the researcher undergoes any of these violations, they have to suffer a lot in research publication.

The research scholars may suffer to select the cryptography-based journals. Therefore, we have attached excel in the following which includes the name of the publisher, E-ISSN number, impact factor, etc. this is highlighted for your ease to know about the latest cryptography journals list. So, download the attachment and make use of it.

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