Download Ns2 35 for Ubuntu

This article is considered as the representation of the process of downloading and installing network simulator 2 for Ubuntu.

Step: 1 Download Ns2.35

Initially, we have to download the Ns-2.35 based package for Ubuntu through the URL.


Downloading Ns2.35

Step: 2 Extract Ns2.35

After completing the process of downloading, we have to extract the downloaded packages based on Ns-2.35 by just copy and pasting the Ns-src-2.35.tar.gz file and paste into the Ubuntu home folder. Then, we have to execute the following two commands to extract the contents of package in the terminal.

Extraction of Packages

Step: 3 Component Package

Here, we have listed out the components along with its version details based on the Ns-src-2.35 package.

  • Xgraph
  • xgraph version 12
  • Nam
  • Nam release 1.14
  • Ns
  • ns release 2.35
  • TclCL
  • tclcl release 1.20
  • Otcl
  • otcl release 1.14
  • Tk
  • Tk release 8.5.8
  • Tcl
  • Tcl release 8.5.8

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