GNS3 Sample Projects

There are several project ideas that are emerging in the domain of networking in current years. will assist you in any type of concept you come up with feel free to contact our experts. The following are numerous sample project plans that encompass different factors of networking and can be deployed by employing GNS3. Every project plan has the ability to assist in the interpretation of various network standards, arrangements, and protocols:

  1. Basic Network Configuration and Troubleshooting
  • Goal: The main aim of this project is to establish a fundamental network together with switches, hosts, and routers. It is approachable to arrange routing protocols such as OSPF, RIP, and VLANS, and practice the way of troubleshooting familiar networking problems.
  • Expertise Acquired: Routing protocols, simple troubleshooting approaches, network device configuration, and VLAN arrangement.
  1. Site-to-Site VPN Configuration
  • Goal: By employing IPsec, arrange a safer site-to-site VPN among two positions. To handle congestion by the VPN tunnel, this project can encompass the process of establishing firewall strategies.
  • Expertise Acquired: IPsec tunneling, secure network interaction, VPN configuration, and firewall strategy arrangement.
  1. SDN with OpenFlow
  • Goal: In GNS3, deploy a basic SDN network by means of utilizing OpenFlow controllers, and switches. Focus on testing with SDN applications such as network slicing and congestion engineering.
  • Expertise Acquired: OpenFlow protocol, SDN application advancement, controller and switch configuration, and SDN standards.
  1. IoT Network Simulation
  • Goal: It is appreciable to concentrate on IoT communication protocols and protection. An IoT network has to be simulated with limited devices by linking to an MQTT broker.
  • Expertise Acquired: Network safety for IoT, IoT network design aspects, and IoT protocols such as MQTT.
  1. Multi-Area OSPF Network
  • Goal: The major focus of this project is to model and deploy a multiarea OSPF network. Typically, OSPF enhancements, OSPF area arrangements, and route summarization must be included in this research.
  • Expertise Acquired: Network model for scalability, OSPF troubleshooting, and Progressive OSPF configuration.
  1. Cloud Integration with Enterprise Network
  • Goal: In order to simulate the enterprise side, it is better to incorporate an enterprise network with cloud services by utilizing GNS3. This project concentrates on safer cloud connectivity choices and repetition.
  • Expertise Acquired: VPNs for cloud incorporation, safety best practices, cloud connectivity, and high accessibility configurations.
  1. Network Security with IDS/IPS
  • Goal: With the capabilities of Intrusion Detection System/ Intrusion Prevention System (IDS/IPS), focus on establishing a network. To identify and reduce simulated assaults, arrange and examine the IDS/IPS.
  • Expertise Acquired: Safety strategy management, safety tracking, IDS/IPS configuration, and attack identification and preclusion.
  1. VoIP Implementation
  • Goal: It is better to deploy a Voice over IP (VoIP) network with SIP protocol. Generally, the procedure of arranging SIP servers, VoIP clients, and Quality of Service (QoS) scenarios are encompassed.
  • Expertise Acquired: SIP protocol, VoIP troubleshooting, VoIP configuration, and QoS for voice congestion.
  1. Wireless LAN Simulation
  • Goal: You can simulate a WLAN through incorporating with external tools or utilizing virtual appliances that have the capability of simulating access points and wireless controllers, even though GNS3 concentrates mainly on wired networks.
  • Expertise Acquired: Wireless safety configurations, incorporation of wireless and wired networks, and WLAN model standards.
  1. Network Automation
  • Goal: To computerize the arrangement and management of network devices in a simulated platform, aim to employ network automation tools such as Ansible with GNS3.
  • Expertise Acquired: Ansible playbook formation, computerizing general network tasks, and network automation theories.

What are some good projects on networking?

In the networking discipline there are many project ideas, but some are determined as best and efficient. Among different stages of complication, we offer few project ideas that can satisfy experts, students, and hobbyists, who are about to investigate various aspects of networking in efficient manner:

  1. Home or Small Office Network Setup
  • Goal: Encompassing a firewall arrangement, Wi-Fi configuration, and a VPN for remote access, it is approachable to model and deploy a safer network for a home office or small office.
  • Expertise Acquired: Wi-Fi safety, VPN configuration, simple network configuration, and firewall policies arrangement.
  1. Network Performance Analysis
  • Goal: Concentrating on parameters such as delay, packet loss, and throughput, aim to utilize network simulation tools such as Wireshark, GNS3 in order to examine network effectiveness under various situations.
  • Expertise Acquired: Traffic exploration, enhancement approaches, network simulation, and effectiveness troubleshooting.
  1. SDN-Based Network Design
  • Goal: To attain effective congestion management, simpler network configuration, and enhanced protection, model a network by employing Software-Defined Networking (SDN) standards.
  • Expertise Acquired: Controller and switch configuration, custom congestion flow management, SDN theories, and network programmability.
  1. IoT Network for Smart Environment
  • Goal: Mainly, for smart home or office platforms, it is appreciable to develop an IoT network by incorporating different devices and sensors, thereby making sure safer interaction.
  • Expertise Acquired: Device incorporation, data collection approaches, IoT protocols like CoAP, MQTT, and protection in IoT networks.
  1. Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) for Environmental Monitoring
  • Goal: For tracking ecological metrics such as humidity, pollutant levels, temperature, focus on implementing a WSN with energy-effective interaction and data gathering.
  • Expertise Acquired: Low-power interaction protocols, sensor data exploration, WSN model, and data gathering policies.
  1. Network Security Setup with IDS/IPS
  • Goal: To track and secure from cyber assaults, deploy a network safety framework by integrating Intrusion Detection systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS).
  • Expertise Acquired: IDS/IPS configuration, safety strategy management, network safety standards, and threat identification.
  1. Cloud-Integrated Networking Project
  • Goal: Concentrating on cloud-related network management, hybrid cloud configurations, and safer cloud connectivity, it is beneficial to model a network infrastructure that incorporates cloud facilities.
  • Expertise Acquired: Hybrid cloud arrangement, cloud-related network management tools, cloud networking theories, and safer cloud connectivity.
  1. Blockchain-Based Secure Communication System
  • Goal: To assure data integrity, privacy, and non-repudiation, construct a safer communication framework by means of utilizing blockchain technology.
  • Expertise Acquired: Cryptographic approaches, blockchain for protection, decentralized application (DApp) advancement, and blockchain basics.
  1. Virtual Private Network (VPN) Performance Study
  • Goal: The performance influence of employing various VPN protocols and encryption principles on network momentum and delay has to be examined.
  • Expertise Acquired: Encryption protocols, safety vs. performance trade-offs, VPN configuration, and performance benchmarking.
  1. Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) Deployment
  • Goal: By establishing application-aware strategies, attack preclusion, and deep packet review, implement and arrange a next generation firewall in a network platform.
  • Expertise Acquired: Firewall strategy configuration, attack prevention approaches, NGFW characteristics, and application-level protection.

GNS3 Sample Projects

GNS3 Sample Projects Topics and Ideas

The following are the few sample project details that we have listed below, contact team for best support we guide you right from sharing of novel ideas, best topics and until publication. Let us lift up your research work to next level with our experts.

  1. Network slicing – enabled RAN management for 5G: Cross layer control based on SDN and SDR
  2. SDN-enabled recovery for Smart Grid teleprotection applications in post-disaster scenarios
  3. Legacy IP-upgraded SDN nodes tradeoff in energy-efficient hybrid IP/SDN networks
  4. Pr-CAI: Priority based-Context Aware Information scheduling for SDN-based vehicular network
  5. An analytical model for delay bound of OpenFlow based SDN using network calculus
  6. pSMART: A lightweight, privacy-aware service function chain orchestration in multi-domain NFV/SDN
  7. A survey of energy efficiency in SDN: Software-based methods and optimization models
  8. Attack detection based on invariant state set for SDN-enabled vehicle platoon control system
  9. Performance evaluation of live virtual machine migration in SDN-enabled cloud data centers
  10. An optimal delay aware task assignment scheme for wireless SDN networked edge cloudlets
  11. A framework for experimenting ICN over SDN solutions using physical and virtual testbeds
  12. Providing multicast services over SDN-evolved LTE network: Architecture, procedures and performance analysis
  13. A framework for SDN integrated management based on a CIM model and a vertical management plane
  14. An early detection of low rate DDoS attack to SDN based data center networks using information distance metrics
  15. Implementation experience in multi-domain SDN: Challenges, consolidation and future directions
  16. Multi-priority fork-join scheduling in SDN for high-performance data transmissions in mobile crowdsourcing
  17. Novel SDN architecture for smart MPLS Traffic Engineering-DiffServ Aware management
  18. DDoS detection and defense mechanism based on cognitive-inspired computing in SDN
  19. The show must go on: Fundamental data plane connectivity services for dependable SDNs
  20. An economic framework for analysis of network architectures: SDN and MPLS cases
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