Hadoop Project Ideas

Hadoop is a framework that is basically an open-source tool to process big data for developing and executing numerous applications. Hadoop can precisely workings with the practices that are distributed among the group of machines collectively. Data is being examined from the analysis code to the closest nodes. This page is all about detailed advanced information about Hadoop projects researched by our experts based on their knowledge and experience with practical explanations. We have assisted numerous research scholars for developing novel Hadoop project ideas. Reach our expert panel team to know more details 

Top 10 Interesting Hadoop Project Ideas

What are the three key features of Hadoop? 

  • Scalability – Since Hadoop works in a wider environment, it is a scalable one. But, older systems will have access to fewer data storage. In order to save up the additional petabytes of data, the setup can be made widen up in the process of including multiple numbers of servers, based on need.
  • Diversification of data – Diverse data formats including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data can be stored in HDFS with its capability. Data storage can be done in any format, and it does not necessarily need to validate against a predetermined schema.
  • Resilience – It confirms fault tolerance, that replication of data can be done from one group of nodes to other. Since it acts as a backup for the availability of data in a group while one node slows down.

Here, we will discuss how Hadoop can be studied and extend our immense support throughout this project.

What are the inputs accepted in Hadoop? 

Following are the inputs accepted in Hadoop technology, they are

  • Social networking includes Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter, Google+, etc.
  • Media files such as Audio, Video, Images, etc.
  • Storage of data that includes Hadoop File system, NoSQL, RDBMS, etc.
  • Data Sensor on Road cameras, Car sensors, Medical devices, Smart electric devices, etc.
  • Web at Public such as News, Weather, Public finance, Wikipedia, etc.
  • Log data in Machine such as Clickstream data, Server data, Event logs, Application logs, CDRs, etc.
  • Archives that include Emails, medical records, Scanned documents, statements, etc.
  • Docs files that consists of HTML, CSV, XLS, PDF, JSON, etc.

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Every area of research/technology will have limitations, based on the limitations future research or technologies can be altered or done. Here, Hadoop technology has certain limitations. Now let’s move on to the big limitations of Hadoop.  

Big Limitations of Hadoop 

  • Limited SQL support – SQL support in Hadoop will be limited manner. And also they lack functions such as “group by” analytics, subqueries, etc.
  • Multiple copies of data – Inbuilt of multiple copies of data that takes place when there is an inefficiency of functioning in HDFS.
  • Challenging framework – Using the MapReduce framework, Complex transformational logic cannot be supported.
  • Skills deficiency – To develop distributed MapReduce framework, Knowledge of algorithms and skills are necessary for proper implementation.
  • Execution inefficiency – Insufficiency of query optimizer leads to an inefficient cost-based plan for execution, thus when it is compared to similar data, it results in a big amount of cluster.

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Key technologies of Hadoop
  • Green computing
  • Data Mining
  • Sensor Networking
  • Big data analytics
  • Cloud computing
  • Software-Defined Networks
  • Mobile cloud
  • Internet of things
  • Ad- Hoc network
  • Optical network

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  • Access to the installation of the single and multimode clusters in Hadoop and HBase.
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The following discusses the Hadoop-based frameworks and techniques for handling big data. We are currently using these kinds of Hadoop frameworks and techniques for big data analytics and related projects. You can look at such frameworks with their purposes.  

Hadoop frameworks 

  • Storage of Data 
    • Document [Couch, Mongo]
    • KeyValue [Voldemort, Dynamo, Cassandra]
    • Column [HBase, Bigtable, and Hypertable]
    • Graph [Titan, Neo4]
  • Integration of data 
    • Metadata [HCatalog]
    • Serialization [Avro, Protocol buffers]
    • Ingest [Kafka, Flume, Sqoop]
    • ETL [Oozle, Crunch, Falcon, Cascading]
  • Coordination
    • Zookeeper, Chubby, and Paxos
  • Frameworks in computation 
    • Real-time [Pinot, Druid]
    • Streaming [Spark Streaming, Storm and Samza]
    • Batch [MapReduce] 
    • Iterative [Giraph, Pregel, GraphX, Hama]
    • Interactive [Tez, Impala, Dremel, BlinkDB, Drill,Shark, Presto]
  • Managers of Resource 
    • Yarn and Mesos
  • Frameworks of operations 
    • Monitoring [Ambari, OpenTSDB]
    • Benchmarking [GridMix , YCSB]
  • Analytics of data 
    • Libraries [MLLib, Mahout, SparkR ,H2O]
    • Tools [Pig, Phoenix, Hive] 

Latest Hadoop Techniques 

Techniques in HadoopMapreduce for scheduling

  • Rule-based scheduling
  • Size based scheduling
  • Profile-based scheduling
  • Shared input policy in job scheduling
  • Task aware, deadline aware, fairness aware
  • Task scheduling based on data locality aware
  • Distributed scheduling
  • Dynamic scheduling
  • Scheduling based on budget

Techniques in Hadoop for Energy saving

  • Management of resources
  • Task scheduling based on energy-efficient
  • Energy-aware data placement at HDFS layer
  • Cluster level at DVFS scaling

Techniques for Data Skew Mitigation

  • Technique of LIBRA
  • SkewTune Technique
  • Technique of LEEN
  • SkewReduce Technique

Techniques in MapReduce based on Anonymization

  • Slicing with suppression
  • Generalization
  • One Attribute per Column Slicing
  • Multi-set based Generalization
  • Bucketization

Algorithms in MapReduce

  • HIPI [Hadoop Image Processing Interface]
  • An algorithm based on Data Redistribution
  • An algorithm based on Parallel Genetic 

Other Techniques in Hadoop

  • Partitioning of Data
  • Sampling of Data
  • Massive Parallelism/Brute Force
  • Data Summarization

Therefore Hadoop is one of the most important and growing fields of research that can fetch you great scope for future research. By providing reliable research data from trustworthy sources and benchmark references we help our customers in presenting the best Hadoop projects/papers/thesis/ Paper Publication Help. Further, let’s see the latest Hadoop project ideas.

Interesting Hadoop Project Ideas [Research Topics]

  • Stream processing of MapReduce
  • Access to control policy
  • Detection of Anomalies
  • Forensic Investigation
  • Analysis of Biomedical image
  • Native optimization of MapReduce task level
  • Recommendation system
  • Processing and analysis of Event log
  • Task scheduling and recovery
  • Resource utilization and Management
  • Balancing of Load and Crawling of web
  • Discovery service
  • Scheduling of workflow and its characterization
  • Management of Dynamic node

The project must be accomplished when the implementation was over. A project is required to implement using the specific tool and programming languages. We have an experts team who are specialized in big data analytics and Hadoop projects using python. You can pick any of the tools for your Hadoop project ideas. In the following, a few tools for big data projects using Hadoop can be listed.

What is the best tool for Big data? 

  • Ambari – Provision, Maintain Cluster and Monitor
  • Flume, Sqoop – Data Ingesting Services
  • Spark – In-memory Data processing
  • MapReduce – Data processing using programming
  • Mahout, Spark MLib – Machine learning
  • HBase – NoSQL database 
  • Oozie – Scheduling of job
  • Solr and Lucene – Indexing and Searching 
  • HDFS – Hadoop Distributed file system
  • Apache Drill – SQL on Hadoop
  • Zookeeper – Cluster management 
  • PIG, HIVE – Data processing services using query(SQL – Like)
  • Yarn – Yet another Resource negotiator  
Hadoop development IDE 
  • Karmasphere studio – In its Professional edition, it includes the developer’s task of making it easy to function deeply in MapReduce job robust, and the community edition of functionality, more efficiently.
  • Visual studio (HDinsight) – For visual studio, HDInsight tools are included in the run hive queries, and to make it accessible to work it functions from .NET to .NET SDK.
  • R studio (R Hadoop) – In the case of big data analytics of business, an incomparable data-crunching tool can be used when R and Hadoop function together. It works as a perfect big data for statistical data analysis and visualization
  • Netbeans (NbHadoop) – The visual environment and adapts the development of map-reduce jobs and be deployed to the group that created .jar files
  • Hadoop development tools – They are the group of plugins for the eclipse IDE, developed to work against the Hadoop platform and it includes more features.

We will give you access to the topmost journals and world-class publications for your references regarding knowing the latest Hadoop project ideas, implementation, and performance analysis. Therefore you can get a complete picture of the real-time use and applications of such technologies. Some of the concepts can be implemented using a single tool and considering this issue, we are providing the following interfacing tools.

Hadoop Interfacing 

  • Skool – Skool works with raising the big data using open source data integration tool for apache Hadoop and also there arises the challenges with Apache Hadoop infrastructure.
  • MATLAB – Even by working in the local workstation, MATLAB supplies capabilities of processing larger data starts from a single workspace to multiple numbers of computers. It supports to access data from the Hadoop distributed file system and algorithms running beyond Apache spark.
  • Python– Cython plays an eminent role in python wrapping and python MapReduce library in Hadoop.
  • Pydoop – Using pure python programming, Pydoop permits to write in MapReduce applications. 
  • Spring for Apache Hadoop – It provides specified configuration models and is uncomplicated in using Hive, Pig, MapReduce, and HDFS.  Spring integration and spring batch are the spring ecosystem projects that work integrated with it. 
  • Hadoop +CUBA – Hadoop CUBA programming helps to initialize the processes in its internal data structure, and further Cudacompute method invoked by MapRed and its access solution for Java, C++, and other programming languages. 

By the end of this project, we would like to tell you that our Hadoop projects are been completed with 100% reliable source and worthy outcomes, for any kind of queries and doubts.  Reach us to craft innovative Hadoop project ideas. We provide you with excellent team support to fulfill your needs.

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