How Can I Pick a Research Topic from Routing Protocols Can Somebody Contribute a List of Topics Related to Network Routing Protocols

Hey!!! You folks can learn the complete process about the selecting a research topic in routing protocols through this article with the support of our research experts. Let’s start this article with the list of research ideas based on routing protocols.

Topical Research Ideas in Routing Protocols

  • Dynamic secure routing for congestion avoidance and location privacy
  • Entropy based routing to increase network utilization
  • Platform entrenched collaborative routing
  • Mobility estimation based routing by clustering
  • Delay attentive routing based on cost effective neighbour hop selection
  • Collision and energy less optimal multipath routing
  • Spectrum attentive routing by reducing the unwanted interference and collision
  • QoS attentive routing by selecting secure and reliable forwarder

Unique Research Topics in Network Routing Protocols

The research scholars may feel hard to select a research topic in network routing protocols, to make that process ease we have listed some sample research topics.

  • Routing protocol for wireless sensor network based on reinforcement learning
  • Multi traffic aware routing and two fold resource allocation for SDN/NFV in NG-RAN
  • Multipath routing protocol using genetic algorithm in mobile ad hoc networks
  • DEARP: Dynamic energy aware routing protocol for wireless sensor network
  • Authentication and path selection in UAV
  • Bandwidth estimation technique for network path on comparison of OSPF BGP ISIS and MPLS routing protocol using deep neural network
  • Routing performance in FANET when transmitting authentication data in the presence of the malicious
  • Analysis of routing protocols performance in environmental monitoring system using aquasim
  • Route selection using ad hoc blockchain routing protocol (ARP)
  • Secure RPL based routing protocol utilizing moth flame optimizer for the IoT applications

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