How do I download Mininet on Ubuntu

Our research professionals have years of experience in this field and through that experience we have derives this article which is the process to download Mininet on Ubuntu.

Download Mininet on Ubuntu

 Mininet creates an realistic virtual network, running real kernel, switch and application code on a single machine .The easiest way to get start with Mininet is you can download the Mininet on Ubuntu from the below web link ,

Download Mininet on Ubuntu

Mininet supported packages

Mininet supports packages like software defined networking controllers (POX, RYU, NOX, BEACON and OPENDAYLIGHT) and virtual switch (OpenvSwitch) enables you to work with the virtual network environment.

Mininet code for network construction

      There was a set of code for configuring the RYU controller,

“Controllers”: [


“Opts”: {

“Controller Protocol”: “tcp”,

“controller Type”: “RYU”,

“hostname”: “RYU1”,

“remoteIP”: “”,

“remote Port”: 6633


“X”: “539.0”,

“Y”: “66.0”



After configuring the RYU controller, and then execute the code for configuring the host,


“number”: “13”,

“opts”: {

“hostname”: “h13”,

“nodeNum”: 13,

“sched”: “host”


“x”: “906.0”,

“y”: “609.0”


You can make call to us to clarify your doubts and our research experts will provide the appropriate process to download Mininet on Ubuntu.

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