How do I Install Ns2 Software on Windows 10

At this point, our research professionals have highlighted the steps that are required to install the network simulator 2 software and mainly in the windows 10.

Configure Windows 10 with Ubuntu

To configure the windows 10 with Ubuntu, we have to make the changes which are highlighted below and the changes have to be held in windows 10 settings.

  • Turn on the developer mode
  • Turn on windows subsystem for Linux (WSL)
  • Install Ubuntu from Microsoft store

Installation of Ns2 Software on Windows 10

To install the network simulator 2 software on windows 10, we have to implement the below mentioned commands in the Ubuntu terminal window.

  • sudo apt update

Updating the Package

  • sudo apt-get install ns2

Installation of Ns2

  • sudo apt-get install nam

Installation of Nam

  • sudo apt install tcl

Installation of Tcl

Execute Ns2 Simulation on Windows 10

To implement the simulation based on network simulator 2 on windows 10, we have to execute the below mentioned commands as one by one in the Ubuntu terminal.

cd /Admin/Desktop/ns2

ns sample.tcl

So, the research scholars can join hands with our research experts to get succeed in their research career.

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