How Do I Open a Project in OMNeT++

Let’s us take a glance over about the steps involved in opening the project based on OMNeT++.

Open OMNeT++ 6.0.1

The following command has to be executed to open OMNeT++ in the mingwenv window.


Opening OMNeT++ 6.0.1

Browse Workspace Location

Consequently, we have to browse the workspace location in which the project backup is stored.

Search in Workspace Location

Open Project in OMNeT++ 6.0.1

As an additional note, we have to open the project based on OPNeT++ 6.0.1 through the utilization of below mentioned steps in the file menu in IDE.

File à Import

Importing OMNeT++

The project has to be browsed in the project stored location

Browsing the Project

Following that, the finish button has to pressed to open the project

Finishing to Open Project

Finally, we have highlighted the project in project explorer

Project in Project Explorer

In addition, the research scholars can ping us to aid more about the functions of OMNeT++.

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