How Do I Open Cooja

We can keep on opening the Cooja simulator and for that we have to follow some guidelines to get succeed in that process of opening Cooja. Now, let’s get into the step at a time process of opening Cooja.

Initially, we have to implement the commands that are highlighted in the following in the terminal to open the Cooja in Contiki – 2.7.

cd contiki-2.7/tools/cooja

ant run

Open Cooja in Contiki - 2.7

Following that, we have to open the simulation using Cooja through the implementation of the following steps such as.

  • Go to the file menu in Cooja simulator window
  • Select the option named as “open simulation”
  • Then, we have to select the configuration file

For your reference, we have highlighted the image in the following to showcase the simulation process of Cooja after opening it.

Simulation Using Cooja

Throw away all your reluctance and reach us to clarify your issues based on Cooja installation process.

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