How do I Run an Ns3 Program

Unquestionably, we can run the ns3 program by our own and this process includes some steps to acquire the finest ns3 program. Through this article our technical experts have highlighted all the essential steps to run ns3 program.

Phase: I

First of all, we have to configure the ns-3.28 packages that have been installed through the implementation of the below mentioned commands.

cd /home/research/ns-allinone-3.28/ns-3.28

sudo ./waf configure

Configuration of Ns-3.28

Phase: II

As the next process, we have to utilize the file extension .cc for the creation of simulation program and that is stored in the scratch folder.

Create Simulation Program

Phase: III

Accordingly, we have highlighted some sample code for the reference of ns3 simulation.

  • Packet transmission application process

NS_LOG_INFO (“Create Applications.”);

uint32_t packetSize = 1024;

Time interPacketInterval = Seconds (1.0);

V4PingHelper ping (“”);

ping.SetAttribute (“Interval”, TimeValue (interPacketInterval));

ping.SetAttribute (“Size”, UintegerValue (packetSize));

if (showPings)


ping.SetAttribute (“Verbose”, BooleanValue (true));


ApplicationContainer apps = ping.Install (src);

apps.Start (Seconds (1.0));

apps.Stop (Seconds (110.0));

  • RIP routing protocol configuration

ripRouting.ExcludeInterface (a, 1);

ripRouting.ExcludeInterface (d, 3);

ripRouting.SetInterfaceMetric (c, 3, 10);

ripRouting.SetInterfaceMetric (d, 1, 10);

RipHelper routingHelper;

Ptr<OutputStreamWrapper> routingStream = Create<OutputStreamWrapper> (&std::cout);

routingHelper.PrintRoutingTableAt (Seconds (30.0), a, routingStream);

routingHelper.PrintRoutingTableAt (Seconds (30.0), b, routingStream);

routingHelper.PrintRoutingTableAt (Seconds (30.0), c, routingStream);

routingHelper.PrintRoutingTableAt (Seconds (30.0), d, routingStream);

Phase: IV

Consequently, the simulation program have to be run along with the file extension .cc and it is functioning through the implementation of the below mentioned commands. Additionally, the assimilated result is highlighted in the following.

cd /home/research/ns-allinone-3.28/ns-3.28

sudo ./waf –run NS3Program –vis

Run Ns3 Simulation Program

Result of Simulation Program Execution

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