How Do I Run CloudSim

This article is considered as the illustration to run the project in cloud simulator and all the required steps are derived by our technical experts.

Step: 1 Code in CloudSim

For your reference, we have highlighted code in CloudSim which is used to create and schedule the virtual machines.

int numberOfVmsAllocated = 0;

int i = 0;


final List<Integer> availableDatacenters = getDatacenterIdsList();


for (Vm pm : getVmList()) {

int datacenterId = availableDatacenters.get(i++ % availableDatacenters.size());

String datacenterName = CloudSim.getEntityName(datacenterId);


if (!getVmsToDatacentersMap().containsKey(pm.getId())) {

Log.printLine(CloudSim.clock() + “: ” + getName() + “: Trying to Create VM #” + pm.getId() + ” in ” + datacenterName);

sendNow(datacenterId, CloudSimTags.VM_CREATE_ACK, pm);







Step: 2 Run CloudSim

To run the CloudSim project in NetBeans, we have to right click the project and we have to select the Run option.

Running CloudSim

Finally, we have highlighted the result that is acquired through the execution of CloudSim environment.

Result of CloudSim Execution

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