How do I run Mininet on Ubuntu

Mininet provides a simple and inexpensive network tested for open flow applications. It enables multi concurrent developers to work independently on the same topology. It supports system level regression tests which are repeatable and easily packaged .The process to run Mininet on Ubuntu is described in this article.

Install Mininet on Ubuntu

To change the Mininet package location and to install Mininet, execute the following    commands in Ubuntu terminal,

cd mininet/util

sudo ./ -a

Install Mininet on Ubuntu

Create simulation using Mininet

Next create and store the simulation source configuration file with file extension .py in the Mininet installed location with following source code,

Source code for import the header packages,

from mininet.node import OVSKernelSwitch, UserSwitch

from mininet.node import IVSSwitch

from mininet.cli import CLI

from mininet.log import setLogLevel, info

from import TCLink, Intf

import listener as listenerobj

Source code for configure the network,

net = Mininet ( topo=None,



Run Mininet on Ubuntu

To run the simulation in Mininet on Ubuntu, execute the following commands,

 cd /home/research/mininet/sample_project

sudo python

Run Mininet on Ubuntu

The result for run the simulation in Mininet on Ubuntu is appeared in the terminal window.

Result of run simulation in Mininet

Here in this article, we provide you the eloquent process to run Mininet on Ubuntu .If you have any queries please reach us.

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