How do I Run OMNeT ++

Do you want to know, what are significant processes that are required to run the OMNeT++ packages? If yes! Then and there, take a look at this article.

Step: 1 Import Project

To begin with, we have to import the project through the implementation of the below mentioned processes in the file menu.

File – import > Existing projects into workstation > Browse workstation location > Finish

Process of Project Import

Step: 2 Build the Project

Following that, we have to build the project based on OMNeT++ through right clicking the project and selecting the option “build project”.

Building Project

Step: 3 Run OMNeT++ Simulation

Then, we have to run the OMNeT++ simulation through implementing the following steps over right clicking the project and selecting the following process.

Run As > OMNeT ++ Simulation

Running OMNeT++ Simulation

Selection of main ini file

Selection of Main ini File

If you have any difficulties while running the project based on OMNeT++, then just ring us and our team of research professionals will clarify all your queries.




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