How Do You Simulate VANET in Matlab

In fact! Our technical experts are providing the complete research support for the research scholars based on the simulating VANET in Matlab along with simulation result through this article.

VANET Toolbox in Matlab

The VANET toolbox is denoted as the Simulink library and the library includes various layers such as,

  • PHY layer
  • MAC layer
  • APP layer

VANET Component in Matlab Simulink

The below mentioned components are deployed to create the network based on VANET simulation.

  • Control layer
  • Lane change option parameter values, speed limit, length of road and road type
  • Multichannel layer
  • Number of vehicle parameter values
  • Vehicle layer
  • Initial lane number, parameter values, initial position, speed, vehicle ID

Simulate VANET in Matlab

The created Simulink models have to be opened for the simulation performance which is based on VANET through pressing the simulation option and acquire the following result.

Result of Simulating VANET using Matlab

Now, you guys can just begin to implement the simulation based on VANET in Matlab by your own and hit us through numerous platforms if assistance required.

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