How to Build Develop a SDN Openflow Controller

In general, the OpenFlow controller is using the OpenFlow protocol to connect and configure the network devices such as switches and routers to determine the best path for application traffic.

Benefits of OpenFlow Utilization

Our technical experts have highlighted advantages of using OpenFlow, mainly SDN permits separation of control and data plane in which the switches are capable through the utilization of hardware resources through forwarding the data with computing routes. In addition, it is considered as the provision of easy method of communication among the switch and controller.

Notable OpenFlow Controllers

For your reference, our technical experts have highlighted some OpenFlow controllers in the following.

  • BigSwitch
  • Lumina SDN controller
  • Trema
  • Beacon
  • NOX

Progression of Developing SDN / OpenFlow Controller

Here, we have highlighted the notable processes to develop the SDN / OpenFlow controller using three different tools.

  • OMNeT++ using Inet::RealtimeScheduler and ExtInterface classes
  • We have to right click the project name and select the “build project” option to build the module
  • Cooja using SDN-WISE tool module
  • We have to go to the tools menu and select the SDN-WISE option to add the module
  • Ns3 using OFSwitch13 module
  • We have to store the module code in src folder for the implementation of below mentioned command

cd /home/research/ns-allinone-3.26/ns-3.26

sudo ./build

While working on this process of building OpenFlow controller by your own, you guys may face some issues and we have here to help, so ping us to aid more.

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