How to write an article for publication?

The articles are written by public relation or marketing department of a company to share details or information to its customer and employees. It will also provide any information related to the industry and leadership thought of the organization. It is a written form of communication. By going thorough in this blog you can find some tips and seven steps to be followed which improve your article writing.

An article should hold a theme, which the writer should take to its reader. The topic of article may be of current or the past events which could be taken worldwide. The writer should concentrate on the content of the article that should attract interest among human and it should connect to the readers in a unique way, when compared with other articles.

Some other points in which the writer should focus are listed below:

  • Listed courses and advice of action
  • More exposure towards new technology and worthy stories
  • The opinion of article should influence the readers

Knowing about framework can guide you to identify about specific goals and strategies to achieve it. An organization which needs to know about their progress and to set goals can make use of frameworks which includes key concepts and objectives. By doing so you can lead a perfect team, to achieve your goals, which is in link with the strategic plan of the organization.

Select a Topic to Write about

When you are writing an article for your own, then for selecting a topic for your research, list out all the topics that you want to write about and choose the best among them which has more of your interest. If you are going to write it for an organization then choose topic according to the company’s need by directly discussing with executive team or manager or conducting brainstorm with your team, to attract the targeted audience. Choose your topic at the earliest so that, you can start your writing work and know whether you are on right track.

Identify your Target Audience

To find the target audience the important criteria that should match is point of view of the writer and the reader. Conduct any analysis like SWOT to recognize your audience who can be the best fit for the article content you write. The below mentioned are some other criteria in which you can search for your target audience:

  • Demographics: From this factor you can find out about age of an individual, their education background, geography and annual income.

Example If you want to write an article related to beauty products then you can target women of age group 18 – 35 who accommodates in tri state area. If you want to write article on shaving cream then target men of age group 35 – 54 living in suburb.

  • Behaviours and interests: if you want to know about the readers who are interested in your content of article, you have to be familiar with the industry trends for advertising and marketing to know about what kind of audience they attract to them irrespective of what they are selling.

Example A company do a work which increases the number of audience of a sports event, for a cause. They have done it by knowing what motivates their readers to take any action.

  • Buying habits: Separate the customers whose wish to shop online and from store. You can attract the audience who are interested to purchase through internet by targeting ads, which make them tempted to visit a company’s website. For this you need support from the marketing team of the company or the article which talk about customer trends which state the factor that make them buy a product online.

Research Facts that Reinforce your Story

More interesting facts in your article will attract readers. You have to be clear with your theme so that you can pull your story through fact towards one place. Keep a notebook or any digital document to word process in your phone or computer always with you to make notes at any time.

Some areas from where you can collect examples for research are:

  • Important quotes related to the topic from any source
  • Statistics
  • Detailed explanation about the topic of article
  • About media or culture
  • Small stories
  • Events held in nation or in local
  • Sources which readers can feel useful

Come up with an Outline of your Article

Before start writing your paper, create an outline for your paper which helps you save more time to be focused on the content rather than focusing on the structure. You can also create a format for resources which helps your reader to understand it clear. The main sections for which you should draw outline are as follows:

  • Title: Your topic is basically a single piece from the article. You should make that very catchy because that will be the only thing a reader can see online when searching for content through search engines. You should make your title to appear on top of the “SERP Search Engine Result Page”.
  • Intro paragraph: This is a section which will showcase the key concept of your topic. This part is very much interaction to attract readers concentration towards your article, because by reading this section they can decide on whether to continue reading it or not.
  • Body paragraph: This paragraph is used to support your argument in the topic, which you are trying to explain. You can take the help of evidence from your research to enhance your topic you can also explain the importance and new information regarding your topic.
  • Conclusion: the conclusion you write should be thought provoking, which should make them to take action and consider them for future. You have to provide them with some values which they can take, so that they will also insist people from their surroundings to take a look on your article. If you write article for a company, you can ask the readers about what the audience are expecting next from the company, which makes the audience to stay more focused on your company’s work.

Write a Rough Draft and Para down your Outline

Before you start editing, write everything on your paper first, which helps you to note more creative content. After finishing writing work start editing to improve the quality of your article to elaborate the topic. To save the time of your first draft, start from the top whether you are writing or editing.

Specify your Subject Matter

For every subsection in your outline, find out a key point for each one of them so that you can be on track. Be in contact with any one of the team member or with an editor to clarify about doubts regarding content and in expanding them. You should make your readers look into your article every time.

Read Aloud Unit your draft is Error-free

Before submitting your article for getting approval, you should re check it multiple times by reading it aloud. You have to make sure whether the content you gave can be understood by your readers or not. Get feedbacks from your trustworthy friends and family members.

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