How to write expected outcome in research proposal?

Some of the researchers will find difficult to write the expected outcome in their research proposal. It is not easy to give an assurance about something before we experience it.

Writing the expected outcome shall be done by clearly understanding about the research topic that we are working and we have to think about how we are able to provide the solution for this research.

The expected outcome should be written with the valuable solutions for the problem that we are working in our research. We should be able to write the exact solution that our research will be providing.

In order to write about the exact solution of our research in the expected outcome we need to have a wide knowledge and understanding in the research process.

To write the expected outcome considers the following features:

1) Depending on the problem statement:

We used to consider a research as the good research only when the research work is for the much needed solution.

We used to choose the topic for the research by analyzing the existing research. Likewise, the research is done by analyzing one specific problem to work in our research.

We need to read and to deeply analyses the missing gaps in the recent year’s existing journals. The missing gap from our analysis is considered as the problem of the existing research.

We have to choose that kind of problem that shall be worked in our research to provide the solution. The solution will be the expected outcome in the research that we process.

The better problem statement will provide the better solution in the research. So the selection of appropriate problem from the existing research is very much important to provide the expected solution for sure in the research proposal.

2) Bringing a better solution.

As we have discussed in the previous section the better problem statement will provide the better solution. The solution is considered as the better solution when there is more weight age for the problem that we have chosen.

Much needed results for the society and for the surroundings is found only when we work for the unresolved problem of the existing research.

The analyzing of problem statement is the important part of the research work and so this is considered as the seed for the research work.

The seed called as the problem shall be germinated by producing any minimal solution but the seed has to produce a big tree and so the problem has to provide the wide solution stating the major unsaid problem of the research field.

The effective solution from the existing research problem statement is considered as the expected outcome.

The solution that we consider as the expected solution should identify the exact expected solution in the final outcome of the project end stage and so with that much proper knowledge and confidence we have to write the expected solution.

3) Unique problem and unique solution.

The problem statement that we mentioned in our research proposal should explore the minds of the readers and in such a way we need to analyses the problem from the existing research.

The problem statement that we have considered has to be in a unique way where there should not be any repetition.

The unique problem denotes the finding of new problem from the existing researches that is needed to be worked and once the problem is worked to provide the solution we must have huge possible changes in the research field.

There will be many possible solutions the research problem will be providing in the research field but we need to work by thriving to get one important solution.

That solution that we extract from the conducting of research has to be unique and become more essential for the problem that we analyzed.

The unique solution must rectify the analyzed problem and should provide the benefits in the field of research.

One unique problem will provide the unique solution so as to fulfill the requirements of the problem that we have analyzed while doing the research to bring the expected outcome.

We have to work on the problem that should be able to provide the solution by understanding the purpose of the research so as to provide the expected solution for the research work.

4) Benefits of the research.

The solution that we are going to provide for the problem that we are working in our research gives lot of new changes in the research field.

The new changes are considered as the benefits that are produced by the solution for the problem we conducted research.

Expected solution of the research must have enormous advantages in the research field and also we should be able to utilize the solution to some sectors that is in relevant to the research field.

The benefits of the research that we are going to conduct have to create the futuristic scope in the research field. By analyzing the scope of our research many researches should come forward to conduct research in our research field.

The research benefit should create some impact in the field of research. We have to bring out the idea on the expected outcome in our research proposal by highlighting the possible benefits that we are able to get from the research solution.

5) Novel information produced.

By referring all the previously existing research journals we have to gather the required information that are needed for our research work to provide the solution for the addressed problem.

The referred information should be cited with the reference journal from where we had gathered the information needed.

We need to produce some novel information in our research work and contribute that novel information to the research field.

As we contribute the new findings of our research in the research field the future researchers will make use of them for their future endeavors in conducting research.

So we must have the thought of bringing some innovation in the field that we conduct our research work and so we have to write the expected outcomes by considering the factors of providing innovation.

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