I am a ECE Student How do I Publish a Paper on My Major Project

Are you guys excited to know about the significance of ECE paper publication? Then stay tuned!!! We have enlisted the notable processes of develop a research project and publish a paper.

Notable Issues in ECE Field

Hereby, our technical experts have denoted the major issues based on the ECE research field.

  • Less robustness due to duplicate data impact in remote sensing
  • Cyber attackers easily theft the information, information tampering and eavesdropping will occur
  • Enhancement of image quality is poor

Appropriate Solution in ECE Field

Following that, we have highlighted the required research solution for the field of ECE.

  • Precise duplicate data removal using DL
  • Authenticating the users or devices by using the strong password
  • Image quality to be improved by adopting the adaptive thresholding

Journals to Publish Papers in ECE

Significantly, we have highlighted some reputed journals based on the field of ECE to publish a research paper.

  • Vehicular communication
  • Journal of network and computer application
  • Computers and security
  • Computer networks
  • Cognitive system research
  • ACM transactions on sensor networks
  • Cyber physical systems indexing
  • IET wireless sensor systems indexing
  • International journal of communication systems indexing
  • IEEE access
  • IET circuits, devices and systems
  • International journal of robotics and automation
  • International journal of instrumentation control and automation
  • International journal of information and computer security
  • International journal of communication networks and distributed systems
  • Microprocessors and microsystems
  • Cognitive computation and systems
  • Wireless personal communication
  • Computer communication
  • Ad hoc network

The research scholars can make call to us to clarify your doubts and our research professionals will provide the appropriate guidance.

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