I am Looking for a Good Idea for a PhD Proposal in SDN Software Defined Networking What are Some Suggestions

Are you guys gone tired of searching the sufficient article about innovative research ideas in software defined network? No worries!!! You guys are at the right stand. Come now let’s start this article with the novel research ideas in software defined network.

Latest Research Ideas in Software Defined Networking

  • Network traffic monitoring and classification
  • Kubernetes and containers with SDN
  • Flow rule management
  • Dynamic network in SDN/NFV based 5G
  • QoS aware secure routing for SDN IoT
  • Frequent monitoring of flow rules in all the switches and validate the rules in blockchain
  • Vulnerability reports are created and forwarded to the neighbor node
  • Application authentication is performed as per the application attributes such as
  • App_SLA
  • App_port
  • App_type
  • App_ID

In addition, our PhD holders have enlisted some list of notable algorithms that are applied in the process of SDN controllers.

Algorithms for SDN Controller

  • Least connection load balancing algorithm
  • Weighted round robin load balancing algorithm
  • Evolved bat algorithm (EBA)
  • Hidden Markova mode
  • BayeBaye’s theorem

Mainly, the research scholars are preceding for the enhancement of various performance metrics. Now, we have enlisted some performance metrics that are used to evaluate the performance of SDN.

Performance Metrics

  • Energy consumption
  • packet delivery ratio (PDR)
  • Latency
  • Throughput
  • Execution time

We are always ready to provide the complete research support for the research scholars, so reach us and aid more.

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