I Want to Do a Master Thesis Based on Intrusion Detection Systems Cloud You Provide Some Ideas on What to Do for this Topic

Of course, we are providing the complete research support for your master thesis based on intrusion detection systems. In addition, our technical professionals have highlighted some research ideas based on intrusion detection system.

  • Honeypot or firewall deployment with AI to detect the unknown attacks
  • Authentication and authorization for resist against unauthorized user entry
  • Encryption and decryption methods for secure transmission resist against middleman attacks
  • Blockchain technology for privacy and secure storage resist against active attacks

On the other hand, we have listed some research topics in intrusion detection system while implementing the above mentioned research ideas for your master thesis.

  • MTH-IDS: A multi-tiered hybrid intrusion detection system for internet of vehicles
  • experimental analysis of trustworthy in-vehicle intrusion detection system using explainable artificial intelligence (XAI)
  • Enhanced few shot learning for intrusion detection in railway video surveillance
  • Federated intrusion detection in blockchain based smart transportation systems
  • Tier based optimization for synthesized network intrusion detection system
  • Intrusion detection method based on machine learning and state observer for train ground communication systems
  • Informer based intrusion detection method for network attack of integrated energy system
  • Game theoretic method for defending against advanced persistent threats in cyber systems
  • Communication security analysis of intelligent transportation system using 5G internet of things from the perspective of big data
  • Seamlessly safeguarding data against ransom ware attacks
  • Blind zone free metal object detection for wireless EV chargers employing DD coils by passive electromagnetic sensing

Most significantly, we have highlighted some algorithms that are deployed to detect and implement the research.

  • Hybrid of DRL and GAN
  • Deep deterministic policy gradient
  • Multi scale pyramidal network
  • Deep neural network with LSTM
  • Pyramidal CNN

You people can reach us at any time to clarify your doubts in intrusion detection system.

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