I Want To Make My Final Year Project in the Area of Web Security What Are Some Ideas on This Whats an Area for Working

Without any doubt, all of us can make the research projects in web security. To make that process ease our research experts have offered this article. Let’s start this article with the keynotes about web security.

Significance of Web Security

The web security is denoted as the broad category of security solutions to protect the users, devices and wider network from the internet based cyber-attacks malware, phishing along with that it leads to breaches and data loss.

Web Security Areas

  • Cross site scripting (XSS)
  • Denial of service (DoS)
  • SQL injection
  • Phishing
  • General malware
  • Ransom ware

The above mentioned are the list of key areas in web security and as an add on information we have highlighted some research notions in web security in the following.

Topics in Web Security

  • RAT: Reinforcement learning driven and adaptive testing for vulnerability discovery in web application firewalls
  • Deep neural network security collaborative filtering scheme for service recommendation in intelligent cyber physical systems
  • An intrusion detection system for web based attacks using IBM watson
  • ProSAS: Proactive security auditing system for clouds
  • WebCloud: Web based cloud storage for secure data sharing across platforms
  • SCS-WoT: Secure communication scheme for web of things deployment

Currently, the research topics in web security are updating day by day. Similarly, our research experts are also upgrading themselves by in depth knowledge through the topic. Join us to get delightful work in your web security research.

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