Industrial Internet of Things Project Ideas

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is also labeled as Industry 4.0 offers automated industrial operations and services. Since it is an expanded version of IoT which employs in the industrial sector. Most importantly, IIoT is furnished with the opening to exploit the power and analysis of smart technologies and real-time systems. We guide to choose an interesting industrial internet of things project ideas.

Latest Industrial Internet of Things Project Ideas

This page discourses the active research areas in the field of the Internet of Things with new project titles!!! 

What is the Industrial Internet of Things?

As a matter of fact, IIoT is a network of unified sensors and other hardware with industrial software or applications for resource and engineering management. Here, it comprises several industrial applications such as smart robotics, remote health monitoring, predictive maintenance, smart wearables/tools, software-defined manufacturing processes, etc.  Now, let’s have a look at recent topics that give you a new dimension of Industrial Internet of Things Project Ideas. 

Important Criteria for Projects  

  • Large Scale System / Network Deployment Setup
  • Implemented Outcomes & Scenarios
  • Urban or Smart City Areas Services and Applications
  • Particular Subject Innovation / Novelty

Take account of the below areas as a set of the research ideas that are highly close to Industry 4.0 in the current study. As a point of fact, it is listed out only after the thorough exploration of the up-to-date research context. 

PhD Research Areas in IIoT 

  • Cybersecurity in IST and IoT Systems
  • Industry 4.0 enabled Advance Business models
  • Blend Artificial Intelligence in IoT
  • Integration of Fog, Edge, and Cloud Computing
  • Human-Robot Communication in Robotics
  • Design of Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Indoor or Outdoor Identification and Positioning System
  • Future Wireless Network Technologies and Models
  • Embedded Systems, IIoT Sensors, and Other Components
  • New Upcoming IIoT Technologies and Work
  • User Interfaces on IIoT Software and Hardware Devices

 Latest IIoT Project 

The main intention of this project is to allocate tasks based on fog assistance and to minimize energy consumption and delay. Also, it is aimed to ensure secure data deduplication. At first, the network is constructed as 4 layers IoT device, fog computing , cloud, and service.

Project Title: Efficient Task Allocation and Secure Deduplication based on 2FBO2 and MoWo in Cluster oriented Fog-IIoT environment

Environment: Fog Assisted Industrial Internet of Things

Network Entities: IoT nodes (sensors), fog nodes (gateways), proxy server, trusted authority, and cloud server 

Proposed Work

  • ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) – Register IoT nodes to a cloud server through TA Multi-objective Whale optimization algorithm – Cluster Head Selection
    • Parameters:Node degree (count of neighbor links), Nodes distance, and Residual energy
    • Send the sensed data to CH and CH forward to the fog node
  • SHA-3 algorithm – Generate hash for each chunk packet
    • CH send receive duplicate service check (DSC) request/response
  • Bi-Partite Matching Algorithm – Select best fog node
  • Fast Artificial Fish Swarm Optimization (FAFSA) algorithm – increase the global search ability robustness and tolerance
  • ECC HM private key – fog encrypt the data
  • Merkle Hash Tree – construct an index for query results
  • Finally, we compare the performance of our proposed work with the following metrics:
    • User satisfaction vs. Number of devices
    • Energy consumption vs. Number of devices
    • Average latency (ms) vs. Number of devices
    • Network lifetime vs. Number of devices
    • Security Strength
    • size of the key
    • size of the message
    • encryption time
    • decryption time

Beyond this, our experts are working on computing original Industrial Internet of Things Project Ideas. And, these notions are on the way to bringing a new revolution in the research world. If you have your idea then we are ready to develop and guide you in that too.

Industrial Internet of Things Project Titles 

  • An effective mechanism for novel secures data transmission scheme in the industrial internet of things (IIoTs)
  • The novel method intended for UAV-assisted Real-time Data Processing by Deep Q-Network for Industrial Internet of Things
  • Fresh development of Directed Edge Weight Prediction Model used By Decision Tree Ensembles in IIoTs
  • An innovative function for Detection of Low-frequency and Multi-stage Attacks in Industrial Internet of Things
  • The new-fangled mechanism for Verifiable Certificateless Public Key Searchable Encryption Scheme aimed at Industrial Internet of Things
  • An innovative method intended for Assisting Information Systems students to Engage with the IoT
  • A competent function of Neural Network-Based on Model Predictive Control of Paste Thickener Over an Industrial Internet Platform
  • The new-fangled mechanism for Energy-efficient Resource Allocation designed for Cognitive IIoTs with Wireless Energy Harvesting
  • A new process of Federated Tensor Mining used for Secure Industrial Internet of Things
  • An imaginative method for NFV-Enabled Experimental Platform intended for 5G Tactile Internet Support in Industrial Environments
  • The new-fangled method for Blockchain-Enabled Software-Defined Industrial Internet of Things with Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • A new approach of Intention in Industrial Internet of Things Gateway with Multi-source data Processing practice
  • An effective mechanism for 3D Topology Evolution Scheme with Self-Adaption intended for Industrial Internet of Things
  • The fresh function of Adaptive Resource Allocation Method Based on Deep Q Network aimed at Industrial Internet of Things
  • An inventive method for Effective and Efficient Dense Subgraph Query in Large-Scale Social Internet of Things
  • The firsthand method for Industrial Internet Application used for Real-Time Fault Diagnosis in Industrial Motors
  • An effectual process for Secure and Efficient kNN Classification aimed at Industrial Internet of Things
  • The novel technique of Server-Aided Attribute-Based Signature Supporting Expressive Access Structures intended for Industrial Internet of Things
  • A new-fangled mechanism for Energy-Optimal Dynamic Computation Offloading intended for Industrial IoT in Fog Computing
  • Efficient Task Allocation and Secure Deduplication based on 2FBO2 and MoWo in Cluster oriented Fog-IIoT environment

Further, if you need different new Industrial Internet of Things Project Ideas, then communicate with us.

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