Industrial Internet of Things Research Topics

In the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or Industry 4.0, the resource-constrained devices are wirelessly interconnected in a single platform to create communication among deployed devices and humans in the industrial sector. These smart devices may be anything like sensors, actuators, smart home appliances, smart vehicles, smartphones, buildings, etc.  This page discusses the latest Industrial Internet of Things Research Topics and upcoming challenges!!!

Latest Industrial Internet of Things Research Topics

The IIoT is incorporated with connected technologies to improve industrial operations effectively. For instance, increase production, quality control, predictive analysis, asset tracking, and many more. 

What does the Industrial Internet of things mean?

As a prolonged version of the Internet of things, it supports manufacturing industries to make their process simple and fast. Consequently, it comprises several industrial applications such as smart transportation, automotive supply chain operations, software-defined production processes, smart-girds, etc.

In comparing IIoT with IoT, both have common key characteristics such as interlinked devices, intelligence, availability, and more. However, they differ in their purpose and usages. Here, our technical teams have listed out few thought-provoking research domains that are connected with IoT. 

Research Areas in IIoT 

  • Cloud Computing
  • Fog and Edge Computing
  • Cybersecurity
  • RFID and Blockchain Technology
  • Mobile Communication Technologies
  • Integration of IoT with Big Data Analytics
  • Cognitive-IoT Computing Technologies 

What are the new capabilities of industrial IoT?

The new capabilities in Industry 4.0 are working under the principles of enabling smart industry: structural smart health monitoring, track, and trace, remote diagnosis, etc.  In the current world, implementation of the IIoT can create modernize the existing industries’ functions and control. However, it has the threats of high connectivity and security while applying the schemes to improve the digital transformation. The essential sets of capabilities of IIoT follow:

  • Network and Connectivity Management
  • Device Management
  • Data Acquisition
  • Processing Analysis and Visualization
  • Application Enablement, Integration and Storage

Therefore, widespread Industrial Internet of Things Research Topics will frequently meet the following mentioned issues.

Research Challenges in IIoT 

3 Challenges: Security, Scalability, and Availability

  • However, so many mechanisms are introduced for security, but still, it underlies some complex problems. Most probably, it may occur in the time of connecting different networks for IIoT operations.
  • Ensuring the scalability of industries’ set-up and accessibility of resources are quite a challenging process in IIoT. It is a hard process to adapt to changes in network design like adding or removing components.

Similarly, there exist several problematic issues and also still under the process of refinement for decades. As a result, it ruins unchanged, so it is complicated to adopt new technologies. For your information, our research team has highlighted some key research ideas that are currently demanded by active researchers. 

Latest Top 6 Industrial Internet of Things Research Topics

  • E2E Supply Chain Visibility
  • Wireless 5G Network Slicing (URLLC and mMTC)
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Solutions Inspection
  • IoT driven Precision Crop Management (Hadoop, Spark, and AWS)
  • Fog enabled Data Deduplication System
  • Smart Manufacturing Applications (Cobots and Carbon Neutrality)

In addition, our development team has given you very few tools and technologies that were specially launched for IIoT purposes. We guide PhD/MS Scholars in IIOT Proposal Writing. We are also ready to suggest a suitable simulator based on your hand-picked research topics. To be sure, it will yield the best results at the final stage of project execution. 

What are simulation tools for real IIoT scenarios?

  • HPE Industrial IoT: It aims to give a smart environment for industrial edge systems that reduce production issues and increase end-product quality. It senses the data from different sources (environs, people, etc.) and analyzes to get new insight.
  • QualNet – It is a network emulation or simulation tool which has the thorough capability to imitate realistic network performance. Also, it is used to test, analyze and evaluate the overall functionalities of the network through effective performance metrics.
  • Litmus Edge: It is specifically designed for Industry 4.0 to provide end-to-end intelligent edge connectivity. It supports loads of industrial instances like predictive asset maintenance, quality monitoring, and operational analysis.
  • Field system – It is an IoT podium that was firstly launched by FANUC. The purpose of this system is to interconnect the production equipment with manufacturers in regardless of generations

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