Install Nam in Ubuntu

Here, In this article, Our research experts provided the steps to install Nam in Ubuntu. If you go through this once, you can able to install Nam in Ubuntu by your own .Are you exciting? Let’s begin this!

Install Nam in Ubuntu

      To install Nam in Ubuntu, you need to implement the following steps,

Step 1:

To update the package libraries then execute the following command,

sudo apt update

Update package libraries

Step 2:

Then execute the following command to install Nam.

sudo apt-get install nam

Install Nam

NS2 commands for Nam

    NS2 commands are based on the creation and control process of nam animations.

  • $node color [color] ;

It is used to set color of node.

  • $node shape [shape] ;

It is used for sets shape of node.

  • $node label [label] ;

It is used for sets label on node.

  • $node label-color [lcolor] ;

It is used for sets position of label.

  • $node add-mark [name] [color] [shape] ;

It is used for adds a mark to node.

  • $node delete-mark [name] ;

It is used for deletes mark from node.

We hope everyone understood about the topics to install Nam in Ubuntu. For further information, do mail us for technical experts will help you to know more about the Nam in Ubuntu.

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