IoT Project Ideas

The IoT is an intelligent connection of smart devices and systems which be made up to establish communication between the environs, smart engines, things, etc. The sensor network technologies and RFID will explode to encounter this new issue. This article allows being familiar with new IoT Project Ideas!!! 

Top 10 Interesting IoT Project Ideas

What are the Key Components in IoT?

IoT is not only adapting connectivity between devices and objects but also enables remote access for humans. With increasing improvements in IoT, it is exciting to realize IoT functioning on the core environmental constituents. Here, the leading elements are given as follows,

  • Devices Connectivity 
    • In these connectivity layers, the IoT devices and sensors collect the information from their surroundings and pass that information to the succeeding layer for further process. Through this technology innovation, semiconducting materials like micro / macro smart sensors are applied in various applications. And some of them are:
        • RFID Tags
        • Temperature Sensors and other Thermostats
        • Proximity and Level Sensors
        • Pressure Sensors and Accelerometers
        • Soil Moisture and Humidity Level Sensors
  • Analytics
    • In this IoT sustainable technology, it is possible to read and analyze the data where the data is converted from analog to easy format to enhance the system for security purposes.
  • Gateway
    • Here, the network traffic flow among networks and protocols are smoothly controlled by the Gateway. And also, it interprets the network protocols and checks whether the connection of sensors and devices is done appropriately.
    • Then, it forwards the preprocessing data to the next stage only after successful configuration. And, it is necessary to configure it as the TCP/IP protocol existence for convenient flow. 

Next-Generation Internet of Things (NX-IOT)

Nowadays, the innovation of smart technologies leads to the vast improvement of different support systems for commercial and individual applications. Our experts are currently focusing on the NX-IoT to spring out creative IoT Project Ideas. Since the fast-growing Next-Generation Internet of Things (Nx-IoT) is moving in the direction of the smart world.

Top 10 Latest Research IoT Project Ideas

  • Nx-IoT for Instant Payment System
  • Dynamic Resource Management and Optimization
  • Real-Time Personal Financial and Banking Services using Machine Learning (ML)
  • Nx-IoT enabled Cyber-Physical System and Big Data
  • Distributed Load Balancing and Information Security
  • Cloud-based IoT System Management and Virtualization
  • IoT assisted Ambient Intelligence Model and Architectures
  • Secure IoT-Cloud using Neuro-Fuzzy Model
  • Secure Sensor-Cloud and Radio Access Network (RAN) Solution
  • IoT Predictive Maintenance, Analysis, and Automation  

Best Internet of Things Project

Project Title: Secure Cloud-Fog System using Blockchain and Dynamic Load Balancing for IoT Applications 

Environment: Fog – Cloud-enabled IoT Environment

Network Entities:

  • IoT layer – Actuators, Sensors, and Smart Access Points (SAPs)
  • Fog layer – Master nodes and Fog nodes
  • Cloud layer – Main Cloud server 

Proposed Work

In this project, a secure Blockchain system and the dynamic offloading scheme is designed in the integration of Fog Computing, Cloud, and IoT environment. The main objective of this system is to enhance searchability and user/data-level security. Along with it, improve the performance of the system through secure load balancing. At first, this system is constructed in the three layers as IoT, Fog, and Cloud.

Secure Data Aggregation

  • PUF (S-PUF) based authentication protocol – Authenticate IoT nodes
  • AA-Tree – SAP collects the data and construct a tree for search data 

Ultra-Lightweight Data Encryption 

  • Hybrid Hummingbird-2 Encryption (2H2E) algorithm – Encrypt the data
    • Integrate Attribute-BasedEncryption Scheme with Hummingbird Algorithm – High security
  • Homomorphic Encryption Scheme– Encrypt AA-Tree by fog node 

Intelligent and Secure Task Offloading

  • Arrange fog nodes in Intelligent Locally Connected (ILC) topology
  • Kernel-Principal Component Analysis (PCA) Scheme – Extract topology information
  • Perform Load Balancing (offloading) based on the extracted information 

Decentralized User Authentication

  • Attribute-based Blockchain Network (ABN) – Verify authentication
  • Parameters:User attributes
  • If Valid – Deliver the search data from AA-tree to the user

And it is proved that our system is better than the currently available systems by comparative study. At last, the overall performance of the proposed system is estimated based on the following metric,

  • Authentication time
  • Blockchain-based
  • PUF based
  • Throughput
  • Encryption time
  • Decryption time
  • Response time
  • Energy consumption
  • In fog layer
  • In IoT layer

Further, we have an infinite number of novel research ideas to create inspiring research work in the research community. For your information, a few of our handpicked IoT Project Ideas is given below,

Internet of Things Project Titles 

  • An effective method for Edge QoE in Computation Offloading with Deep Reinforcement Learning intended for the Internet of Things
  • A novel methodology of Internet of Things Milk Spectrum Profiling intended for Industry 4.0 Dairy and Milk Manufacturing practice
  • An innovative mechanism intended for novel secure data transmission scheme in IIoTs
  • The novel mechanism for Energy Efficient Joint Power Allocation and User Selection Algorithm for Data Transmission in IoT Networks
  • An effective process for Federated Deep Reinforcement Learning intend of IoT with Decentralized Cooperative Edge Caching
  • A competent mechanism for Energy Constrained Completion Time Minimization in UAV-Enabled Internet of Things
  • An inventive method for Scalable Adaptive Networking used Internet of Underwater Things
  • The fresh method for Value-Based Hierarchical Information Collection aimed at AUV Enabled Internet of Underwater Things
  • An effectual performance for Scalable Multicloud Storage Architecture for Cloud-Supported Medical Internet of Things
  • The novel mechanism for Hybrid Remote Attestation (Hatt) Internet of Things with High Availability practice
  • The inventive mechanism for Adaptive Erasure Code meant for JointCloud Storage of Internet of Things Big Data
  • A novel study of Research on Partition Management of General Resources in the Internet of Things Based on Statistical System
  • The new function for Security and Privacy of Smart Home Systems Based on IoTs and Stereo Matching Algorithms
  • A competent function for Cooperative Computing in Integrated Blockchain-Based Internet of Things
  • An effective method for Data Allocation Mechanism intended for Internet-of-Things Systems With Blockchain scheme
  • A new-fangled method for Distributed Ambient Backscatter MAC Protocol aimed at Internet-of-Things Networks
  • An inventive mechanism for Blockchain-based Model for Trustworthy Shared IoTs Device Management
  • The novel method for UAV-assisted Real-time Data Processing using Deep Q-Network for Industrial Internet of Things
  • A new technology for Dynamism Capable based on Priority Aware Forwarding in SDN Enabled Named Data Internet of Things
  • Secure Cloud-Fog System using Blockchain and Dynamic Load Balancing for IoT Applications

On the whole, we are glad to serve you in any of the research from topic confirmation to thesis submission. So make a bond with us, we assure you that we will be with you till your PhD journey is completed successfully. Reach our expert panel team members to formulate Latest IoT Project ideas for your research work. We have guide more than 300+ PhD Scholars in IoT Domain.

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