Is Ns3 a Tool

Without any doubt, we can consider ns3 as a finest tool and it is deployed to simulate the network in real world and some research functions through writing some scripts in python or C++.

Let’s see that this URL is used to download the ns3 tool.


Link to Download Ns3 Tool


In addition, we have some list of mobility models that are accessible in the ns3 tool for the configuration process.

  • Waypoint
  • SteadyStateRandomWaypoint
  • RandomWaypoint
  • RandomWalk2D
  • RandomDirection2D
  • Hierarchical
  • GaussMarkov
  • ConstantAcceleration
  • ConstantVelocity
  • ConstantPosition

On the other hand, the position allocators based on network simulator 3 are deployed to lay out the nodes in the starting stage and some of allocators are listed out in the following.

  • UniformDiscPositionAllocator
  • RandomDiscPositionAllocator
  • RandomBoxPositionAllocator
  • RandomRectanglePositionAllocator
  • GridPositionAllocator
  • ListPositionAllocator

Finally, we have highlighted some modules in ns3 tools and they are utilized to make simulation process.

  • Wimax NetDevice
  • mmwave
  • thz
  • WAVE models
  • UAN Framework
  • Traffic Control Layer
  • Topology Input Readers
  • 6LoWPAN: (IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks”)
  • PointToPoint NetDevice
  • OpenFlow
  • Network Module
  • Wi-Fi
  • LTE Module
  • Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Network (LR-WPAN)
  • Internet Models (IP, TCP, Routing, UDP)
  • Flow Monitor
  • CSMA NetDevice
  • Antenna Module

If you have any issues in the aforementioned processes when it comes into reality by means of execution, just approach us at any time.

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