Is There Any Free Simulator Software for Sensor Networks

In general, the network simulator 3 and OMNeT++ are considered as the open source and free simulator software for sensor network and our technical experts have enlisted some functions that are required to download and install OMNeT++ and Ns3 in this article.

Download and Install OMNeT++

Firstly, we have to download the OMNeT++ through the below mentioned URL,


Following that, we have to install the OMNeT++ through starting mingwenv.cmd in the OMNeT++ app directory by double clicking it in windows explore and we have to execute the following  commands.



Then, we have to strat OMNeT++ through the implementation of the following command.


Download and Install Ns3

We have to download the Ns3 packages through executing below mentioned commands in windows 10 through the utilization of VMware workstation pro and Ubuntu OS ISO files.

mkdir repos

cd repos

hg clone

cd ns-3-dev

In addition, we have to install the Ns3 packages through implementing the commands that are highlighted below.

sudo ./waf configure

sudo ./waf build

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