List of Cyber Security Journals

A journal is considered as an academic publication which is encompassing the research articles transcribed by the person who well involved in the research. Journals pay more attention on a particular restraint and the field of study. Contrasting from newspapers and magazines are intended for an academic and technical audience and not for the general readers. Reach out this blog for more interesting list of cyber security journals.

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High Impact Factor list of cyber security journals

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Generally, we people know that cybercrime is increasing gradually in day to day life for the reason that millions of people use the internet. Numerous applications deal with the internet and we people habitually use the internet for all the activities such as bank transactions, food delivery, shopping through online, social media, gaming and etc. So, the attackers can steal the information or data and money with the help of malicious software, so cyber security is the required process in this digital era.

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Research Subjects in Cyber Security

  • Insider threat and intrusion detection
  • Risk management in computing
  • Virtualized security
  • Popular online scams in 2022
  • Ransomware detection
  • Identity theft on the Internet
  • Anti-forensic techniques
  • Risks of using public Wi-Fi networks
  • Artificial intelligence security systems
  • Malware and virus detection
  • Rise of Automotive Hacking
  • Access control and privacy
  • Threats are analyzed using digital forensic techniques

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Latest List of Cyber Security Journals

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