List of Springer Journals in Computer Science

Generally, a research manuscript has to be both informative and readable. Even though the research concept is clear in the author’s mind, it is important to remember that they are introducing some new work to the readers and hence, appropriate organization of the manuscript is necessary to make the purpose and importance of the work clear to the readers. Reach out this space for latest list of Springer Journals in Computer Science.

The appropriate research hypothesis and research conducted within the ethical framework are of utmost importance for the research based on science and technology. The natural progression from here is the research manuscript preparation, a daunting process for most of the research scholars involved in research based on computer science. Choosing a journal that provides an appropriate platform for the research manuscript, conforming to the instructions specific to the journal, and following certain simple guidelines can result in successful preparation and publishing of the scientific work. Allocating certain time at regular intervals for writing and maintaining discipline and perseverance in this regard are very important fundamentals to accomplish the goal of successful publication.

Let’s discuss the distress about the appearance of plagiarism in the research manuscript in the following,

How does plagiarism affect a research manuscript?

Plagiarism is a serious hazard in the process of journal publications and is described through the office of research reliability as stealing intellectual belongings and the considerable unrecognized textual copying of another’s work and the representation of them as one’s original work. The most important responsibility for preventing plagiarism lies with the authors. It is essential to develop the skill of writing any research manuscript in one’s own words and when quoting available evidence and authenticating with appropriate references. The consequences of plagiarism could range from disciplinary charges such as retraction of the article to criminal charges.

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On the other hand, our research experts use plagiarism detection tools, and critical analysis by the chief editorial team in our organization before submitting an article for peer review are also equally important to prevent plagiarism. Thus, we provide a 100% plagiarism-free research manuscript for the research scholars and that leads to the fastest acceptance.

Computer science is deliberated as a substantial research field for research scholars and they have to focus on real-time issues with the reference to latest research papers in benchmark journals. The research scholars have to be focused on selecting research topics for the research. In addition, the researchers pay more attention to the recent fields in computer science. There are various research subjects in computer science and here we have enlisted the topical research fields in the following,

Research Notions in Computer Science

  • Mobile computing
    • User behavior analysis and modeling
    • Distributed users authentication
  • Biometric identification
    • Soft and cardiovascular biometrics
    • Human behavior analysis
  • Distributed computing
    • Distributed node’s energy management
    • Federated ML in edge nodes
  • Fingerprint recognition
    • Contactless fingerprint recognition
    • Live acquisition of fingerprint
  • Soft computing
    • Process control and predict outputs
    • Uncertainty in geographical data
  • Currency recognition
    • Latent image and bleed lines
    • Country seal and Intaglio printing
  • Remote sensing
    • Land cover detection
    • Geo application
    • Hydrology
    • Agriculture
  • Mobile cloud computing
    • Mobile multimedia discovery
    • Energy-aware mobile computing
  • Wireless
    • Interference-aware radio resource allocation
    • Heterogeneity of wireless devices
  • Fog computing
    • Secure fog-assisted computing
    • Task offloading among fog nodes

The above mentioned are the notable research areas in computer science and our research experts have highlighted these fields through completing various analyses of research papers in reputed journals such as SCI, Scopus, IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, etc. By reaching us the researchers can receive the finest research manuscript in computer science.

Below, we have attached excel to list of Springer journals in computer science with their SJR rank, ISSN number, etc. It is to simplify the researcher’s task after completing the research paper.

Latest List of Springer Journals in Computer Science


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