LTE Simulation

Most significantly, our technical people have the required knowledge about the LTE simulation thus we can provide the topical research guidance for the research scholars. Let’s start this article with the list of LTE classes in Ns3 and OMNeT++.

LTE Simulation Classes

  • OMNeT++
  • InternetQueue
  • Queue is implemented for the packet transmission by finite bandwidth channel
  • LteCellInfo
  • It holds the cross layer information about cell in eNB
  • LteIp
  • It executes the simplified version of IP protocol that is deployed within LTE model
  • Ns3
  • LteEnbMac
  • It executes MAC layer of eNodeB device
  • LteEnbCphySapProvider
  • SAP includes PHY methods
  • LteEnbNetDevice
  • It is the class for eNodeB device execution
  • LteUeNetDevice
  • This class executes the UE net device process

LTE Simulation Topics

For your ease, our technical people have highlighted the most innovative research topics based on LTE simulation.

  • SVM based detection and mitigation of attacks in LTE
  • Fuzzy game theory approach for scheduling and optimized resource allocation by mitigating blockages in mmWave MIMO based LTE-A/5G networks
  • UE handover between eNodes in Blockchain based LTE-SDN Environment
  • Bi-directional clustering based uplink scheduling and resource allocation using improved fuzzy game theory in LTE-A/5G network

Implementation of LTE Simulation

Moreover, LTE model is used in Ns3 for the simulation performance and the simulation is performed through creating the main file with LTE model configuration and stored in scratch folder. The below mentioned command is implemented to simulate LTE using Ns3.

cd /home/[hostname]/ns-allinone-3.26/ns-3.26

sudo ./waf –run [your simulation file name] –vis

Main File Execution

Finally, we have highlighted the result that is acquired the implementation of LTE simulation using Ns3.

LTE Simulation Result

To this end, we have highlighted all the required notes based on the LTE simulation. If you have any doubts, then reach us!!!

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