Matlab Code for Satellite Communication

Nowadays, satellite communication is a large developing field in providing emergency communication. Specifically, it is more useful to areas where the continuous communication links are unable to establish like terrestrial areas. When natural disasters have occurred then the ground services are completely collapsed. At that time, satellite communication is more useful to provide communication services. This page broadly describes you about Matlab Code for Satellite Communication with the latest project ideas and current trends!!!

As a matter of fact, the best tool to design, check and simulate satellite communications systems in Matlab. It provides you with all necessary toolboxes, libraries, functions, and objects to develop advanced applications. Our developers have years of practice in working on satellite communication projects. Here, we have given you the procedure that how the data transmission takes place in satellite communication.

comprehensive support to implement Matlab Code for Satellite Communication

How does Satellite Communication Work?

  • At first, perform signal emission from earth surface to satellite
  • Then, the satellite receives the signal from the earth
  • Next, apply signal amplification and frequency modification techniques
  • After that, transfer the modified signal back to the earth surface
  • At last, the satellite receiver receives the signal

In the beginning, the teaching approach of satellite communications is followed in theoretical aspects. Later, it improved through the practical section which uses labs for direct demonstration using advanced software applications. Here, MATLAB has a key player role in enhancing the understandability of all satellite communication concepts. It is friendly for both developers and learners to improve knowledge on satellite communication. As mentioned earlier, it comprises several toolboxes and libraries to design algorithms for solving complicated problems of satellite communication.    

Why Choose Matlab Code for Satellite Communication? 

Now, we can see in what way MATLAB support to the development of satellite communication systems. Massive functions and parameters of MATLAB help to cope with both fundamental and modern satellite communication models. Further, it also includes huge demo programs which provide samples to demonstrate how to work with MATLAB toolboxes (SatCom for satellite communication). These toolboxes provide a GUI environment to ensure user-friendliness. Moreover, the MATLAB Simulink enables you to calculate the strength of the signal in dB at various communication scenarios. And, this GUI environment has the following menus in its IDE.

  • Demo Program Menu
    • Allow you to open sample programs for SatCom toolbox demonstration
    • File Menu 
      • This menu includes several menu items to do following operations
      • Open – To open anyone MATLAB file at a time
      • Print – To take a printout of specific file
      • Close – To close and get out of SatCom toolbox
  • GUI’s Menu
    • Permit you to open various GUIs which is more useful in SatCom Toolbox
  • Function Menu
    • Enable you to choose any function that belongs to SatCom toolbox
  • Simulink Model Menu
    • Able to open and execute model by clicking on SatCom Link Signal Level Simulink Model menu item
  • Help Menu
    • Get help for accessing and working with StaCom toolbox
  • Figures Menu
    • Let you sketch graphs or plots using “*.m file” for satellite communication

In the path of the advanced satellite communication field, there are several hurdles in the form of technical issues. The scholars choose one or more hurdles and solve them by their proposed optimal solutions. In this way, they create a contribution to social developments. Our resource team is unique in finding recent challenges since we refer to only recent research articles and magazines. For your information, here we have given you some presently collected research issues in satellite communication.

Major Problems in Satellite Communication 

  • Security 
    • Has the threats of security attacks in communication channels
    • Attackers may get the accessibility of network information through vulnerable entry points
    • Sometimes, the intruders may overhear or prevent the voice communication and live broadcasting
    • So, it is required to protect the satellite communication channel through appropriate techniques
  • Delay
    • For any data communication, the transmission is expected to be high but in satellite communication usually takes above 240 ms
    • So, it is essential to manage the network traffic by proper allocation of resources

Next, we can see primary Matlab functions that are widely used for satellite communication. Our developers are adept to handle essential functions to create efficient techniques. Further, we are technically strong to perform numerical analysis to deal with a complex problem. So, we provide our fullest support in developing Matlab code for satellite communication.

Matlab Functions for Satellite Communications 

  • semimajor_axis(t)
    • Compute satellite orbit’s semimajor axis for specific orbit duration. For instance: 86400 seconds /day
  • tilt_angle_polar(la_e)
    • Measure tilt angle and elevation angle E1 for polar mount antenna
  • look_angles(la_e, lo_e and lo_s)
    • Determine antenna angles such as elevation angle E1 and azimuth angle Az for ground station
  • apogee_perigee_heights(a, e, R)
    • Determine satellite heights (perigee and apogee) from the ground’s surface
  • rain_attenuation(f, p, E1, h0, hR, R01)
    • Determine rain attenuation of circular/horizontal/vertical polarization for satellite radio transmission
  • polarization_angle(la_e, lo_e, lo_s)
    • Estimate antenna polarization angle at the ground station
  • visibility_limit_angles(la_e, lo_e, Elmin)
    • Compute the boundaries of west and east directions over geostationary arc which are viewable from all earth stations

In addition, we have also given you a few top-used toolboxes for satellite communication. Based on the preferable communication technologies, we can choose the toolboxes. In particular, Satellite Communications Toolbox was launched to provide complete backing support for satellite communication and navigation system. Moreover, we are also proficient to include external libraries, modules, and toolboxes in the case of project requirements. 

Important Toolboxes for Satellite Communications 

  • 5G Toolbox
  • WLAN Toolbox
  • LTE Toolbox
  • Communications Toolbox
  • Satellite Communications Toolbox

From the above list, we have taken “Satellite Communications Toolbox” as a sample for illustration. Initially, now we can see about the core functionalities of Satellite Communications Toolbox in the followings,

Key Ideas using Satellite Communication Toolbox 

  • Efficient Analysis of Link Budget
  • Code Development and Execution
  • End-to-End Satellite Network Simulation
  • Channel Modeling with Radio Broadcast
  • Creation and Visualization of New Scenario
  • Fast and Reliable Signal Dissemination

Primarily, the toolbox used for satellite communications comprises standard in-built provisions to design, develop, simulate and test satellite communication connections and models. In addition, this toolbox helps you to do communication channel analysis, visualize the satellite orbits, etc. Further, you can model PHY layer techniques, reference design, earth station receivers, RF components, etc.

On the whole, you can configure, analyze, measure, and simulate comprehensive satellite communication systems. Moreover, it also enables you to reuse the components for testing and validation. The common standards used for satellite communication and navigation systems are GPS, DVB-S2X, CCSDS, and DVN-S2. Here, we have given you the main characteristics of the satellite communication toolbox for your reference.  

Features of Satellite Communication Toolbox 

  • Graphical User Interface (for designing complex model)
  • A colossal collection of functions (for computing various parameters)
  • Simulink Model (for estimating Satellite Link signal level)
  • Demonstration Programs (for toolbox illustration)

For better understanding, our development team has given you basic requirements to create a satellite communication scenario. In this, we have highlighted the major components involved in the common model. Additionally, we have also included the objective functions that are majorly used for scenario simulation. In this way, we also help you in developing your proposed scenarios with appropriate environmental settings.

How to create the satellite communication scenario using Matlab? 

    Matlab is the best choice for developing satellite communication based projects. We are here to assist with matlab code for satellite communication research work.

Scenario Creation Components

  • With the help of the SatCom toolbox, one can create whole satellite communication scenarios with both earth and satellite stations
  • Majorly, the simulation scenario includes 5 primary entities as follows,
    • satelliteScenario 
      • Object comprised with earth station, satellite, and communication links
      • Enable the design of earth station and satellite constellation, access among two stations, analyze performance, and display results
    • Satellite
      • Utilize two-line element (TLE) for inserting orbital entities and satellites
    • groundStation
      • Able to insert earth station with default metrics, longitudes, and latitudes
    • satelliteScenarioViewer
      • Make 3D visualization of constructed scenario
    • play 
      • Simulate the constructed scenario 

Matlab Functions for Satellite Communication

  • Here, we have given you the object functions shared by simulation objects for scenarios simulation
  • Accessobject function is shared by GroundStation, ConcicalSensor, and Satellite objects
  • Showand Hide object functions are shared by GroundStation, GroundTrack, Access, and Satellite objects
  • ConicalSensorobject functions are shared by GroundStation, Gimbal, and Satellite objects
  • Transmitterand Receiver object functions are shared by GroundStation and Satellite objects
  • Linkobject function is shared by Transmitter and Receiver objects

Next, we can see how the Matlab Code for Satellite Communication works in real-time scenarios. Here, we have mentioned the creation of satellite and earth stations, display of orbit elements, system parameters, and angle evaluation. This is the common structure of code development. Beyond this, we add more modules, techniques, algorithms, and parameters based on your project requirements. Further, if you need detailed information regarding your project idea implementation then communicate with us.

How does the Matlab simulation work for satellite communication? 

  • Design and construct essential satellite scenario
  • Insert required number of satellites into the constructed scenario based on project requirements
  • Provide satellite location and orbital entities
    • Show orbital entities of all deployed satellites in the constructed scenario
  • Set the following parameters in the environmental settings
    • Period
    • Inclination
    • BStar
    • Eccentricity
    • Epoch
    • MeanAnomaly
    • ArgumentOfPeriapsis
    • MeanMotion
    • RightAscensionOfAscendingNode
  • Insert earth station
    • Attach Canberra and Madrid deep space communications complexes as earth stations
    • Then, mention their longitudes and latitudes
  • Provide values of elevation angle, range, and azimuth angle at a certain duration
    • Get the values of the first satellite’s angles based on Madrid deep space communications complexes
    • Play or Run the entire scenario of both earth and satellite stations

Furthermore, our resource team has shared some exciting project ideas for satellite communication. These ideas are collected from top demanding research areas with an intention to fulfill the handhold scholars/student’s expectation. Beyond his list of ideas, we also support you in other topics from newly budding areas.

Satellite Communication Project Ideas using Matlab 
  • Creation of Multi-Hop Connectivity among Earth Stations
  • Telemetry Management for End-to-End CCSDS
  • Earth-Station based Accessibility for Satellite Constellation
  • Channel Coding and Characterization with RF Adjustments
  • Generation of Global Positioning System Waveform
  • Development of DVB-S2 Model with Radio Frequency Improvements 

Current Trends in Satellite Communication 

Currently, the launching of the small satellite is evolving more with the help of the internet of things (IoT) and 5G. In this, it utilizes Low-Earth orbit (LEO) for eco-friendly rocket and vehicle launch. Further, here we have also given you a few important satellite communication project topics that grab the attention of research interested people. If you are in search of other trends then join us. Our experts help you to grasp knowledge on innovations of satellite communication systems.

  • Employment of Commercial Protocols in Satellite Transmission
  • Adaption of Policies in Applications on Satellite Communications
  • New Developments in Moving Artificial Satellites
  • Active Antennas Monitoring over Artificial Satellites
  • Software Defined Radio Execution on Satellite Networks
  • Data Security using Cryptographic Encryption for Satellite Networks

On the whole, we have discussed the importance of satellite communication, working of satellite communication system, Matlab support for satellite communication, major technical issues, primary Matlab functions, toolboxes, Satcom toolbox (primary ideas, features, scenario creation entities, and functions), Matlab simulation procedure, project ideas, and current trends. Specifically, the SatCom toolbox of Matlab (any version) provides end-to-end support for project development. And also, Simulink helps you to design a model and compute a link budget for in-depth system verification. Through this, we can evaluate the whole system’s performance.

On the whole, we provide comprehensive support in the execution of Matlab code for satellite communication through our step-by-step assistance. We support you not only in the development phase but also in handpicking recent research topics, techniques, and algorithms. So, use this chance and make a bond with us to create the best satellite communication project.

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