Mininet download

We have illustrated the significant steps that are involved in the process of Mininet download. .In addition to that Mininet is a software that creates a virtual network and its deployed for setup components and connecting switches.

Mininet download

 Mininet is a high performance network simulator and it enables a   multiple concurrent developers to work independently on the same topology. Mininet emulates a complete network of   hosts, links, and switches on a single machine.

We can download the Mininet from the following url,

Mininet download

Extract Mininet in Ubuntu

After downloading the Mininet ,copy and  then  paste the downloaded package  and paste into the Ubuntu home drive location , next right click on the package and then select the Extract Here option to extract or unzip the package to install,

Extract Mininet in Ubuntu

Controllers in Mininet

A Software -defined networking controller is an application in SDN architecture that manages the flow control for improved network management and application performance.

SDN based supported controllers in Mininet are,

  • POX
  • A Python-based SDN controller platform geared towards research and education.
  • POX is used for faster development and prototyping of new network applications.


  • RYU is a component based software defined networking (SDN )


  • The Ryu controller provides software components with well-defined application program interfaces (APIs).
  • It makes easy for developers to create new network management and control applications.

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