Mininet installation

In fact! Our technical experts are providing the complete research support for the research scholars based on the process of Mininet installation.

Mininet installation

       Mininet is a network emulator which uses lightweight virtualization to create virtual networks for rapid prototyping of Software -Defined Network (SDN) designs using open flow.

Update apt database with apt-get using the following command,

sudo apt-get update

Update apt database

After updating apt database,Next we have to install Mininet using apt-get by executing the following command :

sudo  apt-get  -y  install mininet

Install Mininet

Run Mininet project

     After the installation process of Mininet , then create a sample Mininet project in the installed location with required configuration files, and run the Mininet project by execute the following commands ,

The command for change the project location ,

cd   /home / research /Mininet /Mininet _sample _Project

Change of project location

Now, To implement the network based file then execute the following command lines,

sudo   . /

Execute the network based main file

We hope that our provided information about Mininet installation are required enough to install Mininet of your own. If you have any queries, please contact us.

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