NetSim Projects

In actual fact, our resource team is providing the complete research support for the research scholars based on the projects in NetSim along with all the required guidance through this article.

NetSim Project Ideas

For your ease, we people have enlisted some of the research notions based on network simulator.

  • Sink hole attack in IoT RPL
  • Multi parameter sweeper
  • Localization in WSN
  • Intrusion detection system MANETs
  • Dynamic clustering in WSN

Libraries to Create Projects Using NetSim

In addition, we have highlighted the list of libraries that are deployed to create a project using NetSim.

  • LTE library
  • Extensive aid for LTE/LTE-A, allows femtocell cell modeling and D2D communication
  • Cognitive radio library
  • Runs on IEEE 802.22, allows dynamic channel configuration
  • IoT library
  • IPv6 addressing at L3 layer, support 6LoWPAN
  • MANET library
  • L3 routing such as DSR, AODV, OLSR, TDMA
  • Cellular networks
  • Global system for mobile communication, code division multiple access and cell based mobile communication
  • Legacy networks library
  • ALOHA and slotted ALOHA MAC
  • Internet library
  • Ethernet and ARP, IP or TCP and wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11 series)

To this end, we hope that we have provided the required data to initiate the research project in NetSim project. In addition, you people can reach us at any time to acquire a lot about NetSim.

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