Network Attack Simulator

Our team of PhD holders is well experienced in this field and now let’s gets to know about the significance of network attack simulator.

List of Network Attack Simulator

For your reference, our research experts have highlighted some simulator tools along with the programming languages that are used to detect the network attacks.

  • Mininet
  • Python
  • Cooja
  • Java
  • C++
  • OMNeT++
  • C++
  • Java
  • Ns-3
  • Python
  • C++

System Requirements for Network Attack Simulators

In addition, we have highlighted some system requirements that are deployed in the process of detecting the network attacks.

  • Processor
  • 5 GHz and above
  • RAM
  • Minimum 2GB
  • OS
  • Ubuntu-14.04 LTS(32 bit)

Network Attack Detection Steps

Here, we have highlighted some steps that are used in the process of detecting the network attack.

  • Creating and building the network topology and simulation of model of network attack
  • Then, avoiding the malicious attacks
  • Following that, we have to update both the IDS and IPS for the performance enhancement
  • Next, the security mechanism features are measured and monitored

Attack Detection Simulation Areas

For reference, our research team has highlighted some simulation areas based on the attack detection.

  • SDN
  • WSN
  • WBAN
  • IoT

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