Network Security Research Proposal

Network security is the process of protecting the access of a network from attackers. A system for network security reduces the effect of hacking, unauthorized changes, and misuse. This page describes how network security systems work in real-time applications. Further, discourses research ideas for developing a new Network Security Research Proposal. 

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What is network security for example? 

Network packets are forwarded through the security devices are called network security. For traveling a packet, a network route is determined for security optimization. For instance, firewalls and honeypots are examples of network security.

To start the Network Security Research Proposal, topic selection is the initial step which demands some requirements to accomplish by worthy. For that, we work by our complete dedicated research team for great accomplishment. Our simple steps in research proposal preparation can be as follows.

How to find the research topics for PhD?

  • The first step is to choose the research topic
  • Find that topic is emerging, interesting and essential
  • Make a list of research papers for literature review
  • Define the gaps or limitations and research for the solutions

Network security is one of the emerging research fields in information technology and network access control demands more dynamic policies and rules for protecting against network attacks.

A network security design contains three functions flow condition (represents the flow to be monitored and controlled), security monitoring (flow investigated and monitored via security device), and attack response (mitigation actions are taken). Further, on the design of network security system, some of the research issues are essential to be considered and that follows.  

Research Issues in Network Security 

  • Heterogeneity
  • Scalability Issues
  • Resource Constraints
  • Single Point of Failure

However, we look for recent research ideas for your Network Security Research Proposal. For any research topic, sound knowledge will be shared with us. This is possible for our experts due to the revision and working of lots of research papers studying and writing. In particular, algorithms steps writing and modification of any method or protocol will be much easier for our technical experts and we appointed domain wise experts who clarify your requirements.  

Research Topics in Network Security 

  • Security and privacy in software-defined radio
  • Network intrusion detection and prevention
  • Wireless technologies such as MIMO, UWB, and WiMAX
  • Methodologies for High-Speed Networks
  • Coding, Modulation and Multiple Access Scheme in Wireless
  • Intelligent Co-located Data Access and Management
  • Honeypot and Firewall (Virtual and Physical) Deployment

To conclude the network security topic, the ultimate goal is to create a security system that protects against malicious or illegal activities of the network. A network security model can defend against various attacks such as DoS / DDoS, malware, trojan horses, etc. In detail, the network and security model necessary to design for multiple OSI layers that face several security attacks is as follows.  

Network Security Attacks in OSI Layer 


  • Malicious Codes
  • DoS / DDoS Attack
  • Disclosure of Sensitive
  • Software Modification
  • Desynchronization Attack


  • UDP Flooding
  • TCP Sequence Prediction
  • TCP Flooding


  • Spoofing Attack
  • Blackhole and Wormhole
  • Collision and Sybil Attack
  • Sinkhole Attack
  • Selective Forwarding
  • Exhaustion Attack


  • Network Commands
  • Identity Theft
  • Packets Injection
  • MAC Spoofing
  • Man-In-The-Middle Attack


  • Eavesdropping Attack
  • Jamming Attack
  • Tampering Attack
  • Malicious Code Injection
  • Node Cloning

For the above-mentioned network security attacks detection ad mitigation, we deal with various centralized and decentralized mechanisms such as Blockchain Technology and Trusted Devices as Third Party. Further, there are some fundamental parts are available for every research proposal writing. Some of them are as follows: Introduction, Problem Statement, Proposed Solutions, Research Motivations, Research Methodology, Highlights, and Conclusion. For that, clear research objectives, aim and scope are conveyed from the beginning of the network security research proposal to the journey end.

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