Networking Project Ideas

Group of network devices like computers, mobile devices, sensors, and actuators connected together forms a Network. The connection is established primarily for data sharing. Internet is the best example of a network across the world.  With exponentially increasing Internet users, Networking is a better choice for anyone to start research. With the experience of guiding over a hundred successful networking project ideas, we are here to support you throughout your research. 

Latest Networking Project Ideas for PhD and MS Scholars

Research Ideas in Networking

           There are a lot of research topics in networking. Some of the core networking project ideas include,

  • Modeling and Estimation of Network Dynamics
  • Interactions between Next-generation Networks
  • Network Design and Inference
  • Network cache management
  • Searching in Complex Networks
  • Modeling of Network Evolution
  • Information Diffusion and Propagation
  • Complex Network Robustness and Vulnerability
  • Network Sampling and Measurement
  • Synchronization and Control of Complex Networks
  • Learning of Network Topology

The network topology is one of the major research topics in networking. With the wisdom of making in-depth research analyses in networking, we have discussed here network topology in a way that you can understand.

What is network topology?                                                                 

Topology is nothing but the configuration of a network. The arrangement of network components along with the description of its setups like the nodes and links is network topology. It is the deciding factor of a network’s performance. Thus making it your research project can give you ample scope for the future. To get more information on network topology check out PhD projects in networking

Types of Network Topology

Some of the famous network topologies available today are,

  • Star
  • Mesh
  • Ring
  • Bus
  • Hybrid
  • Point-to-multipoint
  • Point-to-point

Among this Hybrid topology is gains significance among developers. It is called hybrid because it establishes a connection between two networks of different topologies. For instance, a network of ring topology can be connected to a network of mesh topology using Hybrid topology. So it makes huge networks.  

What are the examples of hybrid topology?

The star-wired ring and star-wired bus are the two examples of hybrid topology. When many networks of star topology are connected with nearby ring topology sets, it is star-wired ring topology. When bus topology interconnects the networks of a star topology, then it is star-wired bus topology. To make hybrid topology your research field you should need a deeper understanding of it. Our well-supportive technical team can give you greater knowledge and a better understanding to formulate novel networking project ideas. So feel free to call us for guidance.

Where is hybrid topology used? 

Hybrid topology finds its application in the vast field of networking. It is used in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Networks. Also, it gains importance in many recent technological advancements like

  • Internet of Things
  • Software-Defined Networks
  • Network on Chips
  • Edge Computing Devices

So a rich and reliable source of data is mandatory to research in hybrid topology. We have research experts who have guided university and college students across 120+ countries. You can totally rely on us for your research work.  

Our PhD Project Supplements 

We provide reliable, scam-free, and totally professional research guidance on any topic of your choice. With world-class certified engineers, we are providing one of the best research guidance across the world. Along with 24/7 support, we will provide you

  • Plan for implementing your project
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  • Professional Thesis Writing Service
  • Base papers
  • Multiple revised Thesis
  • File for further reading

Our technical team will update you with current trends and practical explanations of your research topic. You can visit us for the latest networking project ideas for all possible topics in networking. 


Here we have given a sample project for your reference.

Project Title: Dynamic Bit Rate Control and Path Selection for Video Transmission in 5G Multi-RAT Networks  

Project Overview: The project is based on a cross-layer network of 5G multi-RAT technology. The network components include LTE access points, 5G base station, WiFi access points, 5G devices, and WiMAX access points. RTP protocol is used for transmitting videos.  

Processes involved

Selection of Best access point– Red Deer Algorithm (RDA) selects the most favorable access point.

  • Adaptive video encoding
    • H265 encodes videos as packets.
    • The reinforcement algorithm SARSA adaptively manages bit rate.
    • The algorithm for decision-making SWARA selects the best QP parameter.
  • Selection of Dynamic path
    • At every round trip time, a video request is transmitted to the destination device.
    • Deng-based Type 2 Fuzzy algorithm selects the optimal path.
  • Adaptive Buffer Management
    • Adaptive Pre-order Deficit Round Robin algorithm prioritizes packets in three queues. 

Performance Analysis 

Our project excels the existing video transmission methods in the following parameters

  • Throughput
  • MoS
  • Delay (ms)
  • Goodput (Mbps)
  • PSNR (db)
  • Packet Drop Rate(%)

Thus our work turned out successful in rectifying many of the problems in the wireless 5G Multi-RAT network, the credit of which can be attributed to our experienced technical team. 

Networking project titles 

We are giving you the most demanding research topics in networking for referenceto craft networking project ideas.

  • An innovative mechanism for hybrid link protection scheme intend to ensure network service availability in link-state routing networks system
  • An effective process for End-to-End Quantum Secure Inter-Domain 5G Service Orchestration Over Dynamically Switched Flex-Grid Optical Networks Enabled via a q-ROADM
  • The new process for EARS used to Intelligence-driven experiential network architecture designed for automatic routing in a software-defined networking scheme
  • A fresh method for Simulation-based on Research of BATS Code Applied into Flying Ad-hoc Networks scheme
  • An innovative mechanism for Hybrid Network Mobility Support in Named Data Networking
  • An effective method for In-Band Network Telemetry in Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
  • The novel mechanism for Social Network-Aware Dynamic Edge Server Placement intended for Next-Generation Cellular Networks
  • The new-fangled mechanism of AI-Assisted Network-Slicing Based on Next-Generation WNs
  • A fresh method for Network Routing Optimization Based on Machine Learning used via Graph Networks Robust against Topology Change scheme
  • An efficient mechanism for Unsupervised Automated Solution aimed at Root Cause Diagnosis in MNs
  • The renewed mechanism for Pox Controller based on Qos Evaluation used for 5G Systems-Network Slicing system
  • An ingenious method for Multi-Objective Optimization-Based Virtual Network Embedding Algorithm for SDN
  • A creative method for Updating Data-Center Network With Ultra-Low Latency Data Plane scheme
  • An innovative mechanism of Novel Topology-Transparent Scheduling Scheme used for MIMO WNs
  • Pioneering method for Binary Classification Approach aimed at Time Granular Traffic in SDWMN based Internet of Things Networks
  • On the use of Neural Networks intended for Attack Detection and Approximation in Nonlinear Networked Control Systems
  • A new utility used for Federating Tactical Edge Networks based to Improve Connectivity, Security, and Network Efficiency in THNs
  • An effective function for Cross-Layer Network Lifetime Maximization in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
  • A new-fangled method for Software-Defined Network-Based on Management intended for Enhanced 5G Network Services

The most challenging part of doing research is selecting a topic that interests you for which you need good exposure. Our guidance is sought by many of today’s successful researchers across the world. So feel free to call us to know more about networking. We are here to happily help you attain progress in your research career.

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