Networking Research Topics

Devices are connected to one another by a set of wireless technologies that scheme is named networking. For the purpose of data exchange, two or more devices are connected. Networking research topics selection is a highly perceptive task because it is concerned with how to customize the network thesis via original works.   

Novel Networking Research Topics

How does networking work?

The connected device or system on a network is termed a node that has a unique logical and physical address. A high standard in mobile networks is achieved by offering wireless service with high data rates to satisfy the huge requirements of mobility and automated services. To search on local services like access points networking needs an absolute position that is included in the network engine. Reach our expert panel team for novel wireless research proposal. But the service is present in the geolocation engine then the networking uses the location of the closest service provider.

Networking growth is enormous and due to its infinite services and applications, the next-generation wireless networks support a massive rate. Still, it has a few serious issues that follow,

Research Challenges in Networking 

  • Fairness in Network Structure
  • Optimized Throughput
  • High Network Congestion  

Network Congestion 

The enormous growth in mobile traffic leads to the increasing demand for network operators to utilize more base terminals to handle many devices and also to maintain quality of service. But if we increase the number of base terminals, results in high power consumption. In order to reduce the energy consumption, our network experts used many network optimization techniques and also predict the traffic load before that occur. Before getting into developing networking research topics, let us understand the types of network traffic. 

What are the types of network traffic?   

Network traffic can be classified into three major types,

  • Sensitive
  • Undesired
  • Best-Effort

Traffic in base terminals varies frequently hence network operators specifically place a few stations into sleep mode mainly in off-peak hours with the guarantee that the service is still functioning on the active stations. We are having a highly experienced network specialist to handles these conflicts and take appropriate actions to resolve the issues.


  • Cognitive Radio Networks (CRN)
  • SDN/NFV and Fog Radio Network
  • Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) in IoT
  • Peer to Peer Networks (P2P)
  • All Cellular Networks (4G, 5G, and B5G)
  • Underwater wireless sensor networks
  • Mobile Ad Hoc and Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
  • Flying ad hoc network
  • Cellular, CRN, and so on
  • Named data network
  • Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
  • LoRa wide area network
  • And so on

As there are apparently different technologies that mingle into integrated systems, we thought we’ll definitely grasp digital evolution become dominant than a buzzword in the near future. In the real world, we trust it will transform the way we do in possible approaches. Below are the foremost networking research topics.

Research areas in Networking 

  • Machine learning and Artificial intelligence
  • Automation technologies
  • Mission-critical cloud computing
  • Wi-Fi Alliance network for 802.11ax
  • Cloud Networks Security
  • Multipath Tolerant Routing
  • Energy Efficient Clustering 

How to Start PhD Thesis Writing?

Completion of a Ph.D. research needs a native and valuable thesis writing that must follow a theoretical and traditional path. It goes around with a sequential process of advanced learning and research supervision. We guide you to craft unique networking research topics for your research work.

Research scholars entered into the process must complete all requirements such as course work, participate and present in seminars and conferences. Students could complete these tasks in nearly 3 to 5 years. The selection of an appropriate research problem,  is not only the research it also satisfies the academic measures said by the universities. Students must devote their research throughout their lifetime. Therefore scholars need a helping hand like us to do their task in a better way in formulating networking research proposal. In this PhD thesis writing in networking, our potential research team follows the below key points to write a thesis.

Key Points for PhD Thesis Writing 

  • A thesis requires constructive research objective and goal
  • A thesis requires research questions and proposed solutions
  • Each thesis consists of thesis contributions
  • Thesis structure and format
  • Thesis organization is given by successful 

What are the thesis chapters?

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Proposed methodology
  • Results and discussion (or separate chapters)
  • Conclusion
  • Future work (Suggestions)
  • List of Publications
  • References 

We are able to work with all the recent networking terminologies and students can receive a positive reply within a few minutes that make your request quickly without subsequent delay in submissions. In addition to Networking Research Topics Selection guidance and thesis writing guidance, we also offer implementation and research article writing, publishing research work in top networking journals list at an affordable price. As well as we maintain your data and information is secure.

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